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  1. A 317 economy server with no custom items.
  2. emad

    Looking for a project!

    bump!! I'm still looking!
  3. Me! Please and thank you!
  4. I own the website Noblerealm.com -Great forums! -Quality host -vB License -Awesome layout -Arcade -Payed IRC chat room -Hiscores layout ready! All it needs is a server! So i'm looking for someone who was already finished a server or is on the verge of finishing one and its ready to be put up. Someone whos willing to work with me and my community. A loyal staff member and good coder. Must have an msn- please contact me. [email][email protected][/email] ... email or msn please. I am willing to merge with someones server as well, so if your interested don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks :)
  5. [B]RSPS Evolutions 317 RSPS Evolutions Web Client: Click here RSPS Evolutions Download Client: Click Here Forums: Click [URL="http://rsps-community.com/"]Here[/URL] Tired of dull, boring servers? Tired of training your skills by yourself? Then RSPS is for you! At RSPS Evolutions, we strive in having the most members online at any server. We succeed in almost everything! So why not come join your journey today? -- Features: - Paid vBulletin powered Forum - 24.7 Uptime - Active helpful staff - Donator Benefits - Vote4Reward System - Regular updates! - Paid developer - Completely Lag Free! RSPS Server Features - 24.7 Dedi - Active, knowledgable staff team - Skillcapes with working emotes - Economy! All duping has been fixed! - Custom Minigames! - Bosses! (Sea Troll Queen, KBD and more!) - Downloadable Client and Web Client - Donor Benefits - Working curses prayer book, including turmoil! - All spell books, Moderns, Ancients and Lunars - Donor Benefits/ Premium benefits Forum Features: - Paid vBulletin, the worlds best forum software - Experienced forum managers - Active! Expect a reply in minutes, not weeks - Real time professional IRC chat - Web Client - HighScores! Donating We are very flexible with donations! We have many payment plans which give as many members as possible a chance to donate for great benefits! Our payment plans include: Paypal, RSGP (New!) and SMS (Coming Soon!). We offer cheap monthly premium membership for our server and forums with awesome features! - RSPS Premium - $4.50 USD So what are you waiting for? Come join us today! RSPS Evolutions Web Client: Click here RSPS Evolution Client download: Click Here Website/Forums: Click [URL="http://rsps-community.com/"]Here[/URL][/B] Staff spots still opened. So register and earn!
  6. I would like your service for webdesign. Please add me on msn [email protected]

  7. emad

    WebDesign Service

    I'm interested. I added you on msn. Add me if it didnt get to you - [email][email protected][/email] or send me an email
  8. emad

    Selling my community

    I am willing to sell my rsps-community.com domain and leave it how it is for a negotiable price range. It is a great runescape community and forum. If you are interested in purchasing it then please add my msn at [email][email protected][/email] or email me at [email][email protected][/email] ~Thanks:cool:
  9. emad

    World War III

    [B]I don't believe Russia and the United States will go into war anytime soon or at all. They have no reason to at this moment. With all the conflicts in the middle east, and the current wars. With south Korea also being a factor in this. If more countries continue to up rise with conflicts then i believe WW3 will occur and it will not end pretty. I hope this does not happen in our life time though. I do NOT want to experience something like this.[/B]
  10. Prices are too high. I sell for 3m a month. But good luck selling.
  11. When i got my first job i was 13. If your really desperate for a job for this summer just mow people's lawns. Nice way to make your 15 dollars a day. If not then look hard online or around local stores or something. Good luck to you.