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  1. A bit of an exaggeration, I won't agree with you but I could understand what you mean, my point was stereotype / a biased mindset could inhibit good choice. But I agree with you on mopar... all the good coders are rather arrogant
  2. [quote name='officiallulzs3c']where have you pulled 22,1,0 from ?[/QUOTE] Those define the tile type, the tile shape, and tile rotation.
  3. Beescape back in 2006 or 07 when the private server scene was hardly a thing and Cheezscape was all the rage
  4. I'm looking for a way to shorten this: [CODE] if(absX == 3057 && absY == 2945) { aByteArrayArrayArray130[l][k][i] = 6; aByteArrayArrayArray136[l][k][i] = 1; aByteArrayArrayArray148[l][k][i] = 3; } if(absX == 3056 && absY == 2946) { aByteArrayArrayArray130[l][k][i] = 6; aByteArrayArrayArray136[l][k][i] = 1; aByteArrayArrayArray148[l][k][i] = 3; } if(absX == 3055 && absY == 2947) { aByteArrayArrayArray130[l][k][i] = 6; aByteArrayArrayArray136[l][k][i] = 1; aByteArrayArrayArray148[l][k][i] = 3; } if(absX == 3054 && absY == 2948) { aByteArrayArrayArray130[l][k][i] = 6; aByteArrayArrayArray136[l][k][i] = 1; aByteArrayArrayArray148[l][k][i] = 3; } so on, so forth... [/CODE] This is to modify tile shapes, and I need to do it for about a hundred or two sets of coordinates. Is there anyway I can just make "absX / absY == an array" or some sort of list? I've tried to do it myself, but I get the comparing int with int[] error, and I don't know how to make it read an array instead of a single int. [CODE] if(absX == "a list of x coordinates" && absY == "a list of y coordinates") { aByteArrayArrayArray130[l][k][i] = 6; aByteArrayArrayArray136[l][k][i] = 1; aByteArrayArrayArray148[l][k][i] = 3; } [/CODE] EDIT: Well after some fiddiling I did this [CODE] if(absX == 3061 && absY == 2943 || absX == 3060 && absY == 2944 || absX == 3059 && absY == 2945 || absX == 3058 && absY == 2946 || absX == 3057 && absY == 2947 || absX == 3056 && absY == 2948) { aByteArrayArrayArray130[l][k][i] = 22; aByteArrayArrayArray136[l][k][i] = 1; aByteArrayArrayArray148[l][k][i] = 0; } [/CODE] is this acceptable?
  5. [quote name='officiallulzs3c']because I dislike people who use r-s and mopar[/QUOTE] An elitist attitude like that isn't going to lead a good team.
  6. [SIZE=3][FONT=Book Antiqua][COLOR="#AFEEEE"]Website:[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE] You can help beta-test Rune Fortress in the project stage! [url]https://sites.google.com/site/runefort317/home[/url] [CENTER][IMG]http://i57.tinypic.com/2z6dw1u.png[/IMG][/CENTER] [SIZE=3][FONT=Book Antiqua][COLOR="#B22222"]About:[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE] Rune Fortress is a private server created to re-design RuneScape with a different style of RPG features; with a whole new world to explore, a brand new crafting system, character classes, and countless dungeons to explore, quests to complete, and monsters to fight, a fresh feeling of adventure is my goal. [HR][/HR][FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=3][COLOR="#DAA520"]Goals:[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] + To host a friendly, active community + To create an interactive crafting system that is the basis of the game and its economy + To add interesting quests and create lore and a fun story, based on suggestion of the community + To have fun, unique, and fresh mini-games + To design a brand new world to explore [HR][/HR][FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=3][COLOR="#FF8C00"]Media:[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] What I have for the map so far. The tiles aren't blended the way I want them to be yet, but it's getting there. The bottom portion is the home area. [IMG]http://imageshack.us/a/img853/7030/9yhe.png[/IMG] The bank of Rune Fortress. [IMG]http://imageshack.us/a/img853/9074/kou4.png[/IMG] Here, players can teleport to various mini-games such as hot potato, freeze tag, and prop hunt. (Currently, only hot potato is working. Freeze tag is about halfway there.) [IMG]http://imageshack.us/a/img843/6921/dyjb.png[/IMG] Here, players can get slayer tasks and change their character class. [IMG]http://imageshack.us/a/img856/3420/zdml.png[/IMG] Player classes assign the player a set of combat stats. [IMG]http://i57.tinypic.com/w8qarn.png[/IMG] Certain player classes can't wield specific weapons, as shown by what is missing from below the stat list. [IMG]http://i59.tinypic.com/2zsmq78.png[/IMG] Here players can craft their items. [IMG]http://imageshack.us/a/img829/1324/auwb.png[/IMG] The crafting interface. Once stats are decided, they will be displayed below the item name. [IMG]http://i60.tinypic.com/zpczm.png[/IMG] There's currently 8 quotes you can get if you die. I'm working on making it tell you how many enemies you killed, items you crafted, quests you completed, and other such achievements done in that life. [IMG]http://imageshack.us/a/img820/7859/m8qq.png[/IMG] [HR][/HR][FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=3][COLOR="#00FF00"]Special note from the author:[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] This, sadly, will probably be released very un-finished, with a few bugs, and limited content. I leave for USMC basic training on July 28th, and want to get it out and play with some people, make some friends, and have fun on the RSPS scene before leaving. When I return, I'll work on finishing the server and hopefully turn it into something big. If anyone, after playing around on it, decides they'd like to work on it while I'm away, can contact me.
  7. Thanks for the feedback guys. I'll switch to a 317 and start working today. Anyone else have any more thoughts?
  8. So, I'm about to put some serious man hours into creating a RSPS. I need some opinions so I can make it worthwhile. I'm also going to drop some bills into advertising so I want the people to have a reason to come back. So here are my thoughts. To start off: 317 or 508? I have experience coding 508s, but it seems like 317s are more played and also have less problems. I want the server to be themed around skill-it-yourself. i.e. players have to fish and cook their own food for combat, as well as fletch their own arrows, make their own potions, smith their own armor and so on. There wouldn't be any level requirements though, so a new player could fish sharks and smith rune armor and weapons. There wouldn't be any shops besides a general store that sells tools. For economy purposes, I could add skill level requirements, but what are your opinions on this? I wanted to make my own combat system too, something fast paced like all weapon speeds at 200%, but also add special attacks that can be used no matter the weapon you have equipped. These would along the lines of stunning, blocking an attack, dis-arming your opponent (like the chaos elemental does) or teleporting right next to your opponent. Using the abilities would drain your special attack energy. It wouldn't be anything like EoC obviously, but something that mimics it maybe. To do this I would just change the buttons in the attack styles menu to make them function as a special attack bar. It's hard to explain this without sounding like an idiot. Also, to add with combat, you could choose between classes, which would dictate your combat skills. Here are some I already have done on my 508: Warrior - 95 Attack / 95 Strength / 85 Defense / 90 HitPoints Ranger - 99 Ranged / 75 Defense / 99 HitPoints Mage - 99 Magic / 75 Defense / 99 HitPoints Rogue - 80 Attack / 85 Strength / 90 Ranged / 65 Defense / 88 HitPoints Other features would include lots of bosses, actual quests, and mini-games, but I wanted some feedback on my game changing ideas before I put them into play. tl;dr: players skill their own food and equipment not buy it from a store, combat is at 200% speed with additional special attacks kind of like EoC, and classes determine your combat skills. would you play or not.
  9. By the looks of it, it'll definitely become successful.
  10. BeeScape, it was off of MoparScape in it's earlier years.
  11. To start off with a small introduction, I used to dabble in private servers a few years back. I've coded 3 different ones, only 1 of which was really successful. I'm back for more, and to really provide a server that is actually "new, unique, fun". I have a few concepts I'd like feedback on: 1. Quick Monster Kills Monsters (on par with what you'd train on / would go with a boss) would only require 1-3 hits to kill, so instead of sitting on one monster, you're constantly clicking on new ones and moving around. A little more interactive combat. Also it might be cool to just constantly be mowing down enemies like a pro. Some can only be killed by melee, or range, or mage, maybe even a special arrow type or spell. Boss fights would work regularly 2. Fast Paced Combat Every weapon speed would be increased 200%, making hits being dealt and returned constantly. You'd really have to be careful in PvP and Boss fights! To compensate, food would also heal 175% more, so you don't spend an entire fight spamming sharks. 3. Weapons with base damages Each weapon would have a base minimum damage it would deal to be modified by combat levels. 4. Extended variation in armor Instead of just using the best gear you can grab ahold of, there would be many sets of armors with different pros and cons and it would put to use many of the "unused" gear (like skeletal, snakeskin, elite black, etc) models. Say, third-age melee could be a hybrid for melee and magic, spined could be a hybrid for ranged and melee, so on so forth. 5. Stats lost on death Levels could be reset on death from monsters, or reduced by 10% on death from players, to make players need to re-train. So, leveling is quick, but you have to do it a lot. If you're familiar with the game Realm of the Mad God, it would be something along the lines of that. 6. More interactive skilling Someway to make skilling a little more interactive These were just some of my bigger ideas on how to completely re-work how the game would be played, to provide something new for people to try out. Comments / Suggestions? Would you play a server that said it had all of this? What are your ideas?