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  1. lol everyone that plays arios gonna reply now?
  2. I have this weird problem with my client, everytime i load it, when i hit login after i enter my details in the server CMD it says "java.io.IOException : An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine" I searched any similar errors on the internet i saw it was because of my Firewall, anti-virus, java, ect. I've tried disabling my anti-virus i've reinstalled a newer version of java, i lowered my java security and i disabled my firewall and it still doesn't works.
  3. where is the ip to run it locally? idk if i'm running it locally, bc i haven't changed any ips yet.
  4. So i made a jar client with eclipse. The source i'm currently using is Arios 498 source. My problem is that when i hit login with my account details, the jar client freezes... idk if links are allowed, but i tried inserting a image and it said invalid url... [url]http://gyazo.com/c188ee6cf0dae0ad4f80abbf4e210e44[/url] Can someone help me plz?
  5. staketopags

    Argon OSRS

    Server looks sick so far, gl.
  6. lol it's biohazard-v2 source
  7. Never mind it's fixed
  8. its probably not in the cache, or in itemdefs. You need to put an attack anim for each weapon, defence anim,etc.
  9. Try compiling the client in the client's folder using the compiler. It might fix it.
  10. Is there anyone going to answer me lol???
  11. The title says it all, where i locate the file to change the xp rates? My server is at x10 and i want x20.
  12. [quote name='Hope']Eclipse will open a 9mb file......[/QUOTE] it wont open for me i think it has too much lines.