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  1. I'm wondering how you edit in-game books texts so when a player reads the book it will display have the text i added in.
  2. For some reason clan wars is a non killing zone...ive spent a few hours trying to figure it out but couldn't come up with anything. Ideas?
  3. thanks a bunch mate that client is working perfectly :)
  4. well i am using another source and people can connect via hamachi but not if i use my IP directly. And yes my ports are open i have checked.
  5. I am currently making a RSPS for myself and close friends. i do not plan to release it to the public i just wanted something to have fun on. So i downloaded the citellum client and server files and set everything up. My issue is when i jar my client and send it to someone they get stuck at loading 0% but when i run it myself it loads fine and i can play it without any issue. I have already port fowarded and set the IP in loader.java
  6. Hund, would you know how to fix the characters saves? ive spent hours and i can't figure it out..
  7. DeadCash

    Editing a player

    I'm new to making a private server and i'm trying to understand the basics. i am using Citellum 718 and i ran into an issue. The server saves player save files to .P instead of a txt file so i can't edit anyone in playersaves\characters An example would be my save deadcash.P i'm wondering how i can fix this so i can edit players. I'm sorry if this is a really novice question i'm just trying to learn as much as i can to start a private server for me and a few friends of mine