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  1. Hi all, I'm currently looking for a server to compliment my website and of course, be of GREAT entertainment. I'm only paying because I want to know it's done right, and at a high-experience level. My primary focus is the website and this will most likely be a long-term commitment. I am not going to discuss pricing or concept until I see the skill level and vouches positively towards you. Add me on skype, or you may reply to this thread. I am able and willing to do upwards of $200 granted it's done in a proficient manner. I can provide sufficient evidence that is own the damn credit card, and if you want to avoid paypal, I'll work with you to ensure it's a happy transfer. [U][COLOR="#FF0000"]You must have your OWN 474 Hyperion Server.[/COLOR][/U] Any and all development done while under the payment of myself comes the property of RuneSpark immediately after it is written. For a full list of items, feel free to ask. [B][COLOR="#00FFFF"]Boxbattle[/COLOR][/B] is my skype. Please do not feel hurt or take it personally if I deny you. Just a forewarning. I have a HUGE file containing the specifics of everything I need, which includes, but is not limited to: [LIST] [*]Server-Sided Development [*]Client-Sided Development [*]MySQL Integration [*]Forum Integration (using an API I have setup) [*]Text-File parsing based on URL [*]Complete map control (NPC spawns, player teleports, player commands) [/LIST] I'm [B][U][COLOR="#FF0000"]NOT[/COLOR][/U][/B] kidding when I say you need to be able to control the entirety of the server, this is no novice job. Started out with the idea of just doing a simple server for me and a few buddies so we could tear each others heads off, but my best internet partner convinced me to go big or go home, and with him returning to the computer, there's a new outlook on Private Servers (I had given up hope). I will be pouring money into this project, and affiliate will be close to follow. Regards, [I]Shak[/I]