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  1. <3 

  2. ay cart

  3. Biggy


    Wassup, wassup?
  4. I'm still available if anyone needs anything done.
  5. Biggy


    Can we go back to the old forums? The community liked it alot better, tbh.
  6. [quote name='baal887']lol hes probably providing a fake lincence and also your links to past work dont work man[/QUOTE] When I mean that, I mean installing it lmao.
  7. -cough- -cough- shoutout to me for the adv banner
  8. Bump! We are still up and running. You can find our main thread and advertisement on Rune-Server.
  9. i love u long time cart

  10. emily hi i miss u miss u

  11. I'm back at it everyone! Bump.
  12. Looks amazing. I'm interested. ;)
  13. [quote name='Abnant']Come check out our Vet'ion boss :)[/QUOTE] Yo I've pmed you on skype several times saying I have a problem with my forum account can you help or not?
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