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  1. Mojas

    A few questions.

    So I want to make a RSPS for me and my friends to screw around on, but I've come across some problems. Please don't hate, I'm new to this :s (I've googled a lot of this and still haven't come across the answer to all this, so please help me :/) First: It never connects even after I've changed "public static final String IP" I've changed it from to my No-IP.org. ( for other people ) Second: The cache doesn't seem to load, how do I change where the cache loads from on 718? All I've seen is change it in Signlink.java, but I don't have that file. Third: How do I change the SUB_REVISION in the server? I've read that it might be causing a problem for people connecting. For the life of me I can't find it. Like I said, I've tried googling my questions but have had no progress >.> and please don't say something like ' well if you were good you'd know ' or something because all I'm doing is trying to learn about RSPS then eventually start coding some stuff. Thanks.
  2. [quote name='ZachIsBack']Can you take another picture? I can't see the rest where it says Class36.java:65[/QUOTE] Oh sorry, its <Class36.java:65>
  3. Here is the error: [IMG]http://img163.imageshack.us/img163/681/74395afe09ab4acdbe18e20.png[/IMG] Please help, I think that's why it won't Jar properly :(
  4. [quote name='newboy']add me on skype, mario4141718[/QUOTE] Could we talk through PM? I don't like giving out my skype to people since I could easily get ddosd ;/
  5. Title pretty much says it all. After I made my client a Jar using JarMaker it just doesn't open at all. I'm using Project Insanity as my client. Any ideas?
  6. Where do I put the cache in this? Looks amazing :3
  7. I'll try that, but I want one with better graphics. But I guess after I do more googling I'll learn more :)
  8. I've tried using Jarmaker but that never works and all the tutorials I've seen you need a special file that's not in it. Any help? :(
  9. I just want to make a RSPS for me and my mates to screw around in like pking and have comp capes and stuff :p I know how to port forward + use no-ip so I don't need help with that, does anyone know a good client + server? I've tried a few but I keep getting errors and stuff. :( Any help?