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  1. ~~UPDATE~~ After searching based on falconpunch's recommendation I found this Source. [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?92391-Project-Insanity-Normal-PI-All-dupes-fixed&highlight=Project+Insanity[/url] It seemed to download fine and when I pushed the Run . bat files it loaded up. Also, animations seem to be working fine, Thanks!!! Hello All, I am new to RSPS, last week I downloaded the Starter Pack and started playing with it, I was making good progress editing things and getting familiar with the code but then I realized almost none of the animations worked and was told in a previous thread to scrap it for a newer version. So, I am looking for the simplest RSPS download with most things working. I don't care what release number I just want something that is simple to download and set up. I get confused when downloading, with the Starter Pack the Client and Serve came bundled together, it seems like most downloads the people post 1 part and suggest finding the other from someone else, how do you know which versions work with eachother? Also, when do you need to worry about cache? I see some versions require you to download cache but the 317 Starter Pack didn't, so if someone could explain or make the download as easy as possible I would be eternally grateful. I don't care about Mini games or PK'ing. I just want good code to start, by good code I mean, Compiles/Runs when downloaded and most things work like skills and animations mainly. Hopefully this all makes sense, Thanks! if not just let me know what doesn't.
  2. Hello, How can I change the client starting screen from the Client StarterPack found here [url]http://www.runelocus.com/tools/starterpack.html[/url] I can't find the picture that is loaded into the background for logging in. Also, the attack animations don't work on this starter version, is there a patch somewhere or is it just an accepted flaw in the 317 starter pack?
  3. Hello All, Are there any diagrams or pictures/charts on how the Client - Server is set up and communicates? Also, are there any dedicated Ventrilo/TeamSpeak's or IRC for Coders? I need simple question answered like, where is this variable or what is it used for? and general questions about the client because the de compiled code is hard to understand. I downloaded the 317 tutorial server 3-4 days ago and implemented Doric's Quest yesterday but now I want to implement harder quest that can be done with teams.
  4. Hello All, I am trying to set up an RSPS, I have no prior experience with setting up an RSPS but I do know how to handle Linux and I know Java. I downloaded the starter pack but apparently it has a GUI that is supposed to pop up but I'd imagine the Server doesn't need to run GUI for the game just the set up. I don't care which revision, although if you could point me to the place that explains whats different, that would be nice. If anyone knows if you can run the server with out having a GUI or know of a pack that doesn't require GUI that would be helpful. I would obviously run the client from my laptop. Thanks