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  1. :BUMP: Still need this fix...
  2. Care to explain? I'm not a pro coder, just a newbie learning slowly. I was told this is all client sided in client.java, which is where I put everything that is suppose to fetch the sprite/create the money pouch orb this isn't suppose to be a working money pouch just yet.
  3. [quote name='TrisidiaV3']Base: OverloadX Revision: 317 The Problem: After Jarring my client it does not work. Information & Media: htp://prntscr,com/1dplo7 Will pay, if no one can fix this could someone provide a webclient ready overload x client and i will pay.[/QUOTE] Why not just get a new source and add the webclient... there is plenty of tuts... OT: If you really need help though message me your skype i'll see what I could do.
  4. Alright, well I started working on my client today and everything was going smooth added coin pouch came with no errors so I was getting ready to move on to the next thing however I decided to log on and check what it looks like and if it needs any modifications but when I logged in I didn't have a coin pouch, or so I thought apparently everything is added but the sprite isn't visible in the client+ it doesn't open up the interface to see what would be in the money pouch anyone know what I could of possibly done wrong that the sprite isn't showing up nor does it open up the interface? [url]http://prntscr.com/1dqyvx[/url] <--- Proof the coin pouch is there
  5. Alright hello, i'm currently working on a project and its going very good and I have learned alot however I want to be able to change my 317 pi, into a 317 pi loading 508 graphics, anyone know how this could be done keep in mind fairly new to coding but learning more everyday.
  6. What source/client are you using?
  7. Sylveon

    [PI] Dice Bag [REQ]

    Hi i've been looking for a while and cant seem to track down a 317 Dice Bag model along with the GFX/Anim that is compatible with a 317 PI source or can link me to a thread that would be great. Thanks in advance!
  8. Sylveon

    Cache Help?

    [quote name='new PI coder']no sorry i havent got skype, and i dont know the fix for sure i was just curious as to where your sprites are[/QUOTE] Oh, well pretty sure they're in the cache but since that cache was removed due to copyright claims I cant get it... :L
  9. What source/client are you using?
  10. Sylveon

    Cache Help?

    [quote name='new PI coder']that is strange hmm can you tv me?? i want to know where they are now..[/QUOTE] I don't got TV, but if you've got skype I can show you my screen.
  11. Sylveon

    Cache Help?

    [quote name='new PI coder']it gives you no access to sprites...? strange... and renaming it wouldn't work unless somehow you are super mega lucky[/QUOTE] Unless i'm dead tierd or just flat out blind, I don't see anything about Sprites in folder. EDIT: Well correction I've got "Sprite" and "SpriteDownloader" both being .java/.class but as for the actual images of whats in the client I have no access to those.
  12. Sylveon

    Cache Help?

    [quote name='new PI coder']are you makeing the cache for a webclient or public playable client? if so just pack your subfolders models and sprites into the cache folder that comes inside the client folder then paste that in your c drive (c:/)[/QUOTE] The client I have doesn't give me access to any spirtes so how would that be possible? Could I possibly change my cache name to that of SoulSplit if so how and if I did would it even work? I mean I believe if i'm correct they're the same source/client.
  13. Sylveon

    Cache Help?

    Anyone know where I could get a Cache that is compatible with Zanaris which is a 317, loading 525(not sure I think so) and I believe has a custom client (pretty sure its the SoulSplit client). I've got the Client, i've got the source, just lacking the Cache... Could someone please link me to a Cache that is compatible I've tried google, and looking on forums for the past 5 days but have yet to find a Cache that is compatible... Link to Source/Client I need Cache for: [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?80856-Zanaris-Full-Summoning-18-Bosses-8-Dungeons-Dungeoneering-Perfect-Combat&highlight=zanaris[/url]
  14. Sylveon


    [quote name='Cart']Oh god no, not another retarded petition. Move on people...[/QUOTE] Lmfao, Agreed. This is getting old ever since So Wreck3d got RS07 back, everyone thinks a Petition is going to fix everything on runescape...
  15. Anyone have Client/Cache wanna start a Project with this server.