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  1. I've never played a UFC game, but I'm real interested in the sport around it. Is the game actually at least semi-fun and realistic? What's the submission part of it like?

    Does it include passing guards, getting hooks, etc. or is it all just basic? I might try it

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    [quote name='kibitz']I swear that one of the clips in the trailer was based of a real fight...


    They used the same people in the trailer too. :p

  2. [quote name='Arix']Why is it your problem that other people are racist? Do you know their motives? Better yet, were you asked to convince them otherwise regardless of knowing their motives?

    I can tell you, I might be considered racist by other people. And I don't care. I got plenty of friends who are not my color. BUT, I may dislike a certain group of people that (often) commit crimes or act like a douche. If that group happens to be another race is it really racism? I dislike them not because of their race but because of their actions. People wildly mis-use this term nowadays.[/QUOTE]

    You're generalizing a group of people by their race, and what certain people of that race do. I could say I hate white people because most serial killers are white. Fucking crackers.

  3. [quote name='Envo']Any ideas? I was thinking donar rank or graphic designer rank,[/QUOTE]

    I'm saying we've already done this. We've offered ranks, plenty of rewards, spots on the homepage and forums, and it always dies out. There's simply not enough activity revolving around the graphics portion of this community, and that should be managed before trying to host a competition dependent on that activity.

  4. [quote name='Envo']She was interviewed and apparently she is bipolar and she goes on to say how shes not racist and has a black cousin.[/QUOTE]

    Bipolar affects mood, it doesn't put false morals into your head. She's a crazy trashy racist trying to cover up now that it's out.

  5. [quote name='jrhitman']First, just because someones goner get shot wherever you go so just get it over and done with haha[/QUOTE]

    But if no1 gets shot by the time it's gone around, you have a 50% chance of getting shot on the second time around.

  6. [quote name='Ranger']Well to start it off, Not that stupid to play lol, But If i was in this, I'd don't want to die and yet again i do. I want to live, But not see everybody else die. And i want to die so i don't have to see everybody else die.[/QUOTE]

    So which position would you choose? Lol

  7. [quote name='Blake']Immortal meaning that you couldn't die no matter what, or meaning that you couldn't die of natural causes?[/QUOTE]

    Don't ban me for all these gravedigs cus these are interesting threads I've been searching, but anyway bump and I guess you just couldn't die. Period.

  8. [quote name='Birdhouse919']Yeah, I have to go through and fix everything up with grammar. I wrote it and didn't care to much about grammar and mechanics at the time.

    The "I Promise" aspect comes at a later point. It's hard to explain, but you'll see once it's done.[/QUOTE]

    A'ight, looking forward to reading the rest.

  9. "If I had one meal to ask for before I died, I'd be her Dr. Pepper cake. Not because of the taste, but because it'd of been made with her love." My god that was corny, lol.

    It's a cute and sad story, but speaking on a literacy basis, it has a lot of problems. Aside from the grammar problems which persist throughout the text, there's a lot of thing that just don't add up.

    "The very last thing I said to her before she passed away was 'I Promise'." Yet the last thing you said in the text was, “Sarah! Stay with me! I love you. Please don’t go… please.”

    Just a lot of technical errors screaming at you, but an interesting and sad story nonetheless.

  10. Didn't know people still listen to this emo stuff. To each his own, I guess.

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    Didn't know people still listen to this emo stuff. To each his own, I guess.