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  1. [quote name='Envo']Yea, that would be my first car although I already have a Honda Accord so I may just re-paint that and plasti dip the rims and what not and try to make it look nice.[/QUOTE]

    >yeah that would be my first car
    >already have a Honda Accord
    >first car
    >already have

    nigga pick 1

  2. That's a really smooth and professional design. Everything about it fits well, it's just... sleek. I love it so far, keep that up and it'll turn out great.

  3. Old school piece of mine, not one of my best but still one of my favorites for some reason. Just trying to boost some activity here.


  4. Honestly, they're just a bunch of pictures and random shit thrown together with some not-good-at-all text. Not trying to be mean, I just don't think you should be offering your services yet. Get some work and improvement in.

  5. Chad put it best. This piece is just weird, honestly. Those spirally ninja star flower things don't fit, and they're whored. The background is all around rough, and the colors aren't pleasing. Completely lacks all sense of depth and lighting.

    I think you just need to better plan the concept of a piece before starting on the design.

  6. [B]1)[/B] Revisions are a certain point of the game's development. The higher the revision, the more current the development is.

    [b]2)[/b] If you actually want to be decent, there's a lot of good places to learn the basics of Java as opposed to learning through RSPS. I recommend Trey's guide, located [URL="http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?34729-The-Basics-of-Java"]here[/URL]. It'll teach you the essentials, and help you a LOT throughout your RSPS career.

    [b]3)[/b] You could find a scratch source, which I'm sure there are a few of here, or you could create the server from scratch yourself; however that would require a significant amount of knowledge in the field. I'd search around for blank/scratch sources on here, with whatever revision you want to use.

    [b]4)[/b] Not sure what kind of guide you want, but I've already linked you to the basics of Java, which will be much more useful than the basics of "RSPS COdingz".

    Gl m8.

  7. [quote name='Ikiliki']Well, you can use it whenever you want. I just need to own the channel to make sure the current registrar doesn't abuse

    - Sent using Tapatalk[/QUOTE]

    Can he grant you ownership and rid himself of it?

  8. Luck is, as Brendan said, a matter of perception. What we think of luck is just a seemingly random occurrence that sways in one party's favor. It's not some type of supernatural force, but more of random events that we accredit to "luck".

  9. [quote name='Envo']Hmm.. Get the Runelocus name from that guy that registered it and then figure out a schedule. Once a week? Once a month? etc.[/QUOTE]

    5 a week.

    C'mon let's get this shit going, love it.

  10. [quote name='Hope']Camaros used to be the bomb. Only select people would have them as luxury back in the 60's and 70's, but now almost everyone has them, and they're really worth nothing imo.

    Get something worthwhile and meaningful to you, not just something that everyone else has. Also, not like you'd use the 155 mph, unless you're going racing.

    Don't get me wrong, they're still nice cars, but yeah.[/QUOTE]

    Check out this hipster.

    Camaros are great cars. They look sick as fuck and still run better than most. Just all around great. I'd kill for a blacked out '14. So sexc.

  11. [quote name='ScoobySeid']so there are these women
    and get this... their in prison
    and guess what? they wear orange jumpsuits

    it's basically a horror show. The secondary characters keep getting murdered, and its up to Piper and Crazy Eyes (main characters) to solve the mysteries in their lovely prison.

    overall, it's breakingbad/10[/QUOTE]

    dont listen to this nigger