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  1. [quote name='ScoobySeid']It looks like someone forgot to wipe after taking a taco bell shit and instead just put their anus on a wall and started to walk around.

    No really, its just brown stuff all over the canvas.

    You should retire again sethy.[/QUOTE]

    Sounds like Ur mum u Brown fgt projection much haha fag

  2. [quote name='Ikiliki']Argentina plays in a few hours. They've won the cup twice and people think they have a big chance on winning again because of players like Messi. What do you think?[/QUOTE]

    I think Messi is too fucking good.

  3. And seeing as I don't have any stocks/very minimal resources right now, I decided to kick it off with some abstract. I kinda like it.


  4. [quote name='michel582']Hi...!
    My favorite is swimming, cycling and football because all of these also keeps the health fit and healthy. Sports are very important for good health and its a best way to remain young .[/QUOTE]

    Is this the first bot post since the vB update?