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  1. [quote name='Mikeeisftw']OP forgot about the part about where he was walking in the middle of the street. He refused to get on the sidewalk even when the police officer gave him a lawful order. At that time Darren Wilson was not investigating Brown his acts of theft and assault so the whole situation could have been avoided by Michael Brown simply complying with the order and stepping onto the sidewalk, they both would have been on their way.

    As for the looting and rioting, what the fuck is the government waiting for? A visit from a massive amount of National Guard troops with shoot to kill orders is long overdue... but remember only for the rioters and looters, I have no problem with peaceful protest. Also, these people know very well destroying their communities by setting them on fire and looting the businesses will not expedite or change the legal process in any way, they don't give a fuck, they just want to get free stuff from stores and set stuff on fire and label any laws enforced on black people by white cops either racist or police brutality... and doesn't that make these just people as racist as they accuse Darren Wilson of being? I mean since there is no evidence except a few witness reports which conflict each other then the only thing these people have to go on is that a white police officer killed a black civilian... that's all they see, the color White shot the color Black, either that or they don't give a crap one way or another and just went to the riots to loot some free stuff.

    Also the same goes for the little kid Rice who got shot because he had a pellet gun: The cop should not be given criminal chargeds, if anyone it should be the parents... why was their small child playing with a pellet gun without an orange safety marker and with no adult supervision?? But no... people protest anyway. A standard police procedure manual will usually say a law enforcement officer is allowed to use his or her firearm if they feel they're in life threatening danger or physical injury from an attacker. I can say truthfully if I was a law enforcement officer I would be in fear for my life if someone - no matter what age - was pointing what looked to be a firearm at be without an orange safety marker... yeah it's very sad the kid died, but none the less, the cop did nothing illegal and did not break protocol.

    The media is very much to blame (example: for portraying Brown as a little angel showing him in a picture of him looking innocent at his graduation) and as well as people like Al Sharpton who in the past have also demonized cops who were accused of civil rights violations and then come to find out they were innocent after Al Sharpton got everyone going and now he's doing it once again in Ferguson... good job Al...

    Also please note...

    1) This is all from a non-bias and non-racist point of view by the way... racist or not racist, any color of skin, this is just common sense and what is obvious.

    2) Also sorry if someone doesn't like the few times I used swear words to get my point across.

    3) I would also like to point out how good it is that some of the peaceful protesters in California were stopping people who tried to loot stores on a few occasions, but there should definitely be more good citizens stopping the criminals who are making them all look bad. I think these groups should be able to ask for help from local law enforcement who could send a few officers to walk with the groups and help in these situations where one or two people decide to loot and make the whole bunch look bad... then you have someone right there to arrest these 'bad eggs'.[/QUOTE]

    You really think the national guard should come in with shoot to kill orders? That's a terrible idea not only because of the ridiculous moral standpoint, but also the political and social ramifications. That would cause an outbreak in riots nation wide, prompt more government intervention with lethal measures, and so it goes.

  2. [quote name='Arix']I believe "wasn't complying" is an understatement. Wether he knew of the theft or not is besides the point. I suppose if that is what will make people (protesters) shut up about this ridiculous overrated incident then I say sure, teach him how to not shoot when he gets attacked.

    But know this; the black community is abusing that. A ridiculous protest because a guy who deserves it got shot. Are you kidding me? I'm SURE michael was a good guy. Only good guys would steal and ridicule cops. :P Suddenly because he is black, white cops have no right to shoot him? That is what I call inequality and therefore racism. Afterall, isn't that what they are fighting for, they are using michael's death for more equality.

    I hope that in the end; the military puts a stop to this ridiculous protesting. Grief is allowed but bullshitting about inequality in this fashion is a nono.[/QUOTE]

    There's been no proof that Michael Brown attacked the cop. There was no gunpowder residue on him either, iirc. All racist allogations aside; all inequality allogations aside, everything put aside I can't see how the shooting was justified.

    And saying he deserved to be killed is kind of ridiculous.

  3. [quote name='Arix']Please carefully read what I said: "my opinion:". I don't know if you just tried to flame or not. As for the "evidence" you seek, look it up it's not hard. If this guy attacks you
    you will NOT be able to take "non-lethal measures". Unless you had a tazer, and even then. Who cares about his color it's about what he was doing. Everyone who thinks this is a racial matter is so damn stupid. To add to where you say the cop could have taken non-lethal measures; perhaps michael could have NOT stolen and NOT been a major pain in the ass... like normal people.[/QUOTE]

    The cop had no prior knowledge of the theft. He saw a big black guy, who maybe wasnt complying, and fatally shot him. Race is an important factor considering its a white cop who was formerly a member of a unit shut down for racism, who shot a big black guy.

    Falcon, everything you said is literally just racism, so Im not going to validify that with a response.

    What I get from this case is that cops should be better trained with a shitload of more qualifications. Period.

  4. You posted the most biased viewpoint I've ever heard regarding this case with the least bit of evidence supporting anything you said.

    I believe race is a huge factor in this, and it shouldn't be ignored so that white people feel better about themselves. The bottom line of the shooting is that a trained cop had to shoot an unarmed guy from a pretty significant distance. The cop could have taken non-lethal measures, didn't, and in my opinion should have been indited for murder.

    Ridiculous what cops can get away with these days.

  5. An interesting design, but I'm not a fan of how strictly uniform it is in it's pattern, and the color scheme is meh. I feel like the rises could vary more, and there's this weird random cluster of lines at the far side on the bottom.

  6. Teleporting would be extremely dangerous. For it to be made possible, you'd basically have to have a computer that could download every limb, organ, cell, element, etc. etc. in your body. Not only would that require an OUTRAGEOUS computer with probably trillions of terabytes of storage, but you'd have to have the resources to then print it in another location, etc.

    It's technology that's currently not even possible, and even if it were it would be so ridiculously dangerous.

  7. [quote name='Thorin']Feisty
    Id rather have this:
    And i dont like black women[/QUOTE]

    iggy azaela hnnnnnnnnnnnnnng

  8. [quote name='Rakozay']Thanks for the feedback I will consider all your constructive critiques.
    The first was my second signature ever, and yeah I failed kinda with the lighting haha.
    The second one is my recent piece I know I blurred it too much, and you're not the first one to say that it has a "great" style.
    The third one is a first try for smudge, I do not think the light is bad however I think it's well placed.
    Considering the render I did not duplicate it I simply sharpened it.[/QUOTE]

    The lighting placement is fine, it's just a matter of the contrast and intensity. The render and the background don't match. Good job with the smudge, though.

  9. scoobs doesnt know what he's talking about

    1st is the best. It's pretty monotone, because u used a black guy kek, but it's almost a good piece. The orbs are a bit too blatant, but the positioning and style of them compliment the atmo. If you lessened the affect that they actually have on his skin(the glaring orange glows) it'd be a million times better. The glow shouldn't extend that far on the same level, it's not realistic. Gj on this tag though.

    The second one has a really interesting style, and I'm digging it, but it's not a pleasant look. It has wayy too much contrast, and by blurring/overcontrasting the entire piece you left it without a focal. You should keep the face/tear area a bit more sharp and smooth, and it'd be great; albeit it could use more effects.

    The third piece is the worst of the bunch. The background is really nice, and could be a great basis for a great tag, but the finished product just isn't good. The lighting and contrast of the render was obviously trying to duplicate the background, but it didn't work and just looks off. It also has wayyyyyyyy too much negative space for such a large tag. It could be a good piece, and has potential, but it's not in a good spot.

    kiu though, good work

  10. [quote name='say waah']In honest reality god[or whatever type of science you believe in] created a human with a pussy and another human with a penis. It's abc. Put the penis+pussy=baby and be happy. If gays and lessies were atleast 1% allowed god would've created adam and evan. God you gay guys just can't get a babe to fuck. But if yall wanna fuck yourself go ahead then. But at the end of the day its bs.[/QUOTE]

    >people actually think like this

  11. [quote name='Tri Force']When people try and pull the "what-if our whole community was [B]black[/B] and not [B]white[/B]." Well fuck, obviously we would be having the same issue but people would want to become [B]white[/B]. Shut the hell up and embrace the reality, we are made to create life through a women and a man. That position is altered through science, in which those who cannot make a baby, can still have one. NO, being [B]black[/B] is not how things are "supposed" to be, however things change, and all of the liberals who allow [B]blacks[/B] to penetrate our country will soon wonder why we no longer control our country through numbers of losing battles against the government and each other.

    We are beginning to become self-destructive, a none productive country. The United States is considered a pussy pushover country, and others know it. I have no idea where this [B]black[/B] crap is going to go, but this could turn into a human race difference, as in a world separated by those who are [B]black[/B] and those who are [B]white[/B]. In my opinion, that would make lives easy for everyone. Yet, nothing sensible will ever happen because their minds are so clouded with nonsense that they can't even figure who actually drives the fucking economy. I love my country, yet hate many of the people who live in it, mostly illegal immigrants, corrupt government workers, and people who are lazy.[/QUOTE]

    How do you sound now?