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  1. 167 lbs rn. Stopped bodybuilding started powerlifting. Doing Candito's 6 week program right now for dem strength gains.

    Benching 205, squatting 225, deadlifting 315. Pretty weak but getting stronger. I'm expecting my max's to go up 10-20lbs in each by the end of this 6 weeks.

  2. [quote name='317 Delta Coder']Not really, hehe. Since I'm a Class A gentleman, that's not how I really roll out.

    I do too, haha. I'm taking her out on a double date with my friend this weekend. Not really a double date because we're just going to the same bar then splitting up in our own ways with our date.[/QUOTE]

    She'll get tired of that class A gentlemen shit u gotta be a real nigga feel me? shes ur girl gotta own it

  3. This is kind of flat. Everything is nice, composition-ally, but it needs some more overall depth to it, and maybe some more contrasting coloration(or some color vibrancy around the focal). Looks cool tho always liked your sprite work.

    An using my titles n shit faggt

  4. Aside from what Chad said, I really like this. The borders are unnecessary and drag it down a bit, but it's a really cool piece and the colors are actually working together nicely. I feel maybe you could've used more intense lighting(kind of a theme for abstract C4D work). But I do like this.

  5. I agree with Chad. Love the style and atmo but the vibrancy in the lips and eyes are a bit distracting and out of place. I also feel like the coloring on the yellow fractals are a bit out of place.

    Not a fan of the border either, maybe make it a bit more stylish or dump it altogether. A cool idea for this too would be to maybe put more focus into the robots eyes to tie everything up.

    Basically just needs some minor touchups, but it's really cool and I enjoy looking at it bb.

  6. Not a fan of the text, but the rest isn't terrible. The C4Ds are a little to blatant and random, and it could use a bit more tying together to create a solid composition.

    The lighting and atmosphere are definitely cool, though. This could be one of your better works if you put a bit more into it.

  7. [quote name='Arix']l0l good point though 5 months is a long time.[/QUOTE]

    was [URL=http://www.runelocus.com/forums/usertag.php?do=list&action=hash&hash=1]#1[/URL] thread in this board lul

  8. I think after all we've done over the past decade and some, which was to gain a political foothold in the Middle East, ISIS/L gotta go.

    It's one of the very few times I actually support a war. ISI/L is a danger to humanity in general and that's not something that America, after fighting in the Middle East for so long, and for humanitarian purposes as well, should allow.

    However we don't need to make the same mistake that Bush made. We don't need to start a fucking full blown war on "muslims & towelheads". We need to eradicate the terrorist, and that should be done with more specialized forces than str8 up foot soldiers & bombings imo.

    tl;dr I support fighting them, but we need to do it more intelligently this time.

  9. [quote name='Ziek`']You don't have a southern accent xD[/QUOTE]

    yo like i agree and i fucking hope i dont but
    ppl say shit noamsayin

  10. [quote name='Time']From Florida but people around here joke about me sounding like a northerner because I don't have any sort of southern accent.[/QUOTE]

    Yo same shit but apparantly when I go North n shit they say I have a southern accent like mofuckas
    Make up your mind

  11. [quote name='Kids RSPS']Funny story, my mom told me I had an accent from Florida when I lived in New York because I couldn't say the letter "r" and I believe her until I was like 13 lmaoo :'([/QUOTE]

    The fuck is a Floridian accent? What kind of Floridian can't say r you're mom is retarded.

  12. Lost a lot of weight soon after this thread, probably as low as 135. But I'm bigger and more motivated than ever, so here's an update at 160lbs. 20 more to go ayyyy.




  13. [quote name='scorpion832']in 10 years you will be fat.[/QUOTE]


    Btw envy you got a long ass core.