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  1. [quote name='Dean']Good luck in the Army buddy, I hope you have an awesome experience. My brother is having a great time in the Air Force![/QUOTE]

    Thanks qt 3.14. Should be fun.

    [quote name='Coded']Good luck![/QUOTE]

    Thanks brah

    I'm leaving on the 19th, 13 days from now for Ft. Benning GA. I'm going in as 11x with airborne physical qualification. Going to try to get into an air assault battalion, and/or work my way into Ranger.

  2. Man I was so skinny and pale and weak. Anyway, a little update.

    I'm steady 160-165, and really comfortable here. I plan on getting my lifts up a little bit and breaking some USAPL state records in powerlifting for the 163lb division(the records are pathetic). My current stats:

    Bench: 225
    Squat: 255
    Deadlift: 335

    Goals for record:

    Bench: 255
    Squat: 315
    Deadlift: 405

    So I'm very close to my goals. The biggest thing is squat but I think I'll hit all of those lifts in 2 months.

  3. [quote name='Ziek`']Ye, looking back at it I see now that there is virtually no depth lol[/QUOTE]

    Yo literally best tip you'll ever get. Since all the fundamentals are so easy to apply to an already finished piece, just check it out when you finish and go over it with some touchups. You're a photographer so it should be easy for you.

  4. [quote name='Raw Envy']Good luck with this dude, isn't the pay pretty poor though?[/QUOTE]

    Technically, yeah. But the thing is most people are pretty irresponsible with military pay. You literally have next to no expenses when you're living in the barracks and eating at chow. So I'll e saving a big mAjority of every paycheck. :p

  5. [quote name='Trey']Pretty good man, about to graduate. So when will you find out if you made it?[/QUOTE]

    What degree?

    And I'm beyond qualified with my scores, health, and fitness. I'm just fighting my recruiter for the contract. He's offered me 11b and airbone, but I'm pushing for the option 40. Should happn pretty soon.

  6. Don't think so. It's interesting and I really don't know what to say about it. There's kind of 2 focals, being the arm and the guy, and that's a bit of a throw off. Idk but I think this one could have potential but as is I'm not a fan.

    Maybe the lighting is just really weird. It's a lot flatter than it should be you feel me?

  7. [quote name='Trey']Good luck man! Sounds exciting, and more importantly that you're excited.[/QUOTE]

    Got daddy's approval? I'm g2g

    How's college going bb

  8. [quote name='Nighthawk123']Goodluck seth, and special forces was your preferred choice? Dang those guys are intense as h*ck[/QUOTE]

    Yeah it's just really in line with what I want to do. So I'll give Ranger a shot and try and transfer later when I meet the age requirement, if I still want to.

  9. [quote name='FUZENSETH']I have been in army, it sure is a nice life experience but I can say when you're there it's nothing like in movies. It is hard, it tests you mentally (not sure if this word is correct). Goodluck anyway.[/QUOTE]

    obv m8

    Everything I do everyone's like yo it's not like the movies.

  10. Yo guys thought I'd give you niggas an update.

    Recenty I decided joining the army is a good decision for me, considering my career and education goals. The job experience will tranfer well, be highly preferable, and obv practically free college.

    I intially tries to enlist as MOS 31b(military police) but I was told the slot is closed for the year due to it being overcrowded. Right now I'm fighting for an 11x option 40 contract, which is infantry with a guaranteed slot to RASP, which is the Ranger Assesment and Selection Program. Basically if I get the contract and pass everything I'll be assigned to the Ranger Regiment. I'll have to get through infantry basic, AIT, airborne and RASP. Pretty confident though.

    I would have preferred to do 18x, special forces(which is more to my style), but apparantly you have to be 21.

    So ye I'll update this whenever I need to.

  11. Hey don't know if you're still around, but if you are and you're still doing this I recommend taking up Muay Thai and Judo. I used to do KB and BJJ only, and started Muay Thai and Judo as well. Stopped doing KB, kept doing BJJ. Judo has god tier synergy with Muay Thai, and MT is GOAT for MMA and street.

  12. [quote name='Clayd']It's kind of BS lol.. well in my job it is. Whenever we aren't training your stuck doing a bunch of bullshit IE picking up trash mowing grass stuff like that. I have got to go to Germany for 4 months and I'm going to Korea in Jan of 2016 for 9 months so you get to "Travel" lmao. Its not bad though def a good life choice.[/QUOTE]

    Bahahhaha why the fuck did you let them put you in Ft. Hood? Shitty fucking place to be. Also a terrible time to join infantry, should've gone for Ranger or something at least.

    Btw I know it's a gravedig I don't fucking care.

  13. [quote name='Nighthawk123']Thx bro! Already have the excel sheet for his 6 week strength program, hope this pays off :) nutrition wise, what foods do you recommend? For bulking.[/QUOTE]

    Personally, what I do almost everyday with some stuff added in randomly, is:

    4 eggs and 2 pieces of toast and a bananafor breakfast. Protein shake with milk 1/2 apple some oatmeal and a tbsp of peanutbutter soon after.
    2 pb sandwhiches for lunch
    2 plain mcdoubles after gym lol
    Whatever for dinner
    Same protein shake as before, before bed.

    I'd just try to get a lot of high carb high protein foods. Nuts, meat, PEANUTBUTTER, etc. And protein shakes are a godsend.

    Edit: if you have a juicer and can afford a lot of fruit an veggies, that's a good route to go and just make som craz high calorie blends as filler meals. Talking like 6 bananas and apples a day type shit.

  14. [quote name='Nighthawk123']dang sethy, perhaps a few fitness advice for me? I'm 17 and looking to gain muscle. Routines, diet, anything works. Thanks! (anyone can answer)[/QUOTE]

    For routine get on a strength program. I made the mistake of starting off on a bunch of shitty brosplits and bodybuilding type routines(not good natty with no strong base). I recommen Johnny Candito's linear or 6 week program, you can find them ez with Google. You could also do something like stronglifts or starting strength. All are good programs for building a really strong base.

    That leads on to diet though. Start off on a bulk. Figure out your maintenance calories and up that by 300+ daily. Basically eat a shitton of food. You might get kind of fat but it's temporary. When you're done with your strength programs and bulk, you'll be strong as fuck and can go on a cut(calorie deficiet) and even a split to workout for aesthetics if that's what you want. Gl bro.