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  1. Sethy

    If you would like, then start a new thread with sufficient proof.

  2. waaaaaaat gay 602.

  3. Then again, with my expectations of todays RSPS programming, most people shove shit into main. :p

  4. You wanna go ahead and buy it, 8m?

  5. wrong person lol

  6. Still want to buy the account?

  7. Sethy

    I charge for MM.

  8. shhhuuuushhhhhhh

  9. I think I may keep it... IDFKIOOMGSHIT

  10. Get on RS world 32 and come sign the clan charter if you can?

  11. Not sure. :\

  12. Shouldn't have taken my name.

  13. World 32, clan camp.

  14. World 32? On Its a Fence? If so, add me. Don't see you.

  15. hey gurl r u an archaeologist?

  16. is ur dad retarded?

  17. Make it to the meeting if you can. It's in 10 minutes from this post.

  18. Lol wat?

  19. <- First succesful merch. I need to get into this. Also staff of light looks decent, it'd be risky though.

  20. Sure thing. Request sent.

  21. Sorry to hear that you quit. I realize it was inactive, but that's merely because I've been away and have had real life troubles. I'm back and better than ever now, and we're even having our first event soon. It'd be a great time to join, as it'll only get better and better. Of course, though, it's all up to you. And yes I got your message, and yes I know that all mods have their own way of doing things. However you were out of hand, hence the reasoning of the complaint.

  22. Why'd you take my name? :mad:

  23. Sethy

    There's a sticky that states there is to be no complaints about members. The OP(Original Poster) provided no proof, and therefor I closed the thread.