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  1. Hai there bieber boy.

  2. I'ma work on your background now. I've kept you waiting enough, eh? XD

  3. Psst, I need the size of the background. ^.^

  4. Depends, do you want one?

  5. Happen to be in a refundin' mood?

  6. I'll make that banner you've been wanting for a while... ^.^

  7. Youtube background* Remember you were wanting it made for your MW clan or something?

  8. I make the mermaid noise [email protected]!!!!!!!

  9. Hey I've got my money babes, I'll be able to get it to you when my mom gets home to bank it.

  10. Tiiitiiiess

  11. I loaned it to my mom(which is why I didn't have it) and expected her to pay me back today. She won't be able to until her pay day(Monday). I'll 100% without a doubt be able to get it to you Monday or Tuesday, but if you want to go ahead and look for better offers by then go ahead. My offer still stands tho bb.

  12. You have to make an infinite circuit, just youtube it.

  13. <3 Btw I was getting your messages on MSN but it wasn't letting my reply, it pretty much grayed everything out. msn's a dick

  14. your such a faggot, smd you twat

  15. I need the size..

  16. It's in 12 hours...

  17. No clue. Google for me! :D

  18. Not sure. You can download a 30 day trial from Adobe's site, though, for now.

  19. Fucking background music.

  20. at my grandmas atm, about to go home and work on it. ;P

  21. I'll get it done tonight.

  22. No idea, but they're the size I'm going with.

  23. Lol? You're Aj? There goes any possible respect I might of had.

  24. yo yo wut up dawg. Yeah, I'm ready for it. I just won't be able to enter until Monday. (Short vacation thing(?))