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  1. Not to be mean or anything, But Why Do You Type Like This?

  2. I tend to ignore these messages. BUT HAI. <3

  3. Lol no. I was gone for a while. HAI!

  4. Sethy

    sex nuff said

  5. Lolhacked. K.

  6. So when we gonna get to work?

  7. How old are you, twat?

  8. I haven't gotten any information on it.

  9. I may need to make an exception in Intelligent Debate, but if there were to be a thread in there, there should be an official one. (Like the religion debate)

  10. Sethy

    Size of Rhode Island. =[

  11. I'm actually 17. I can tell you're much younger though, as you're a complete immature dumbfuck.

  12. Sethy

    Make it to the meeting if you can. It's in 10 minutes from this post.

  13. There's that immaturity again, tsk..

  14. Um, it's Katy Perry. I'm a Katy Perry fan. Come again?

  15. No? Here music is great, how does it make me gay? I can recognize musical talent, and she has a lot of inspiration and spirit in her music. How is that gay?

  16. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha your sig omg

  17. A simple typo? Don't even get me to point out all your grammatical errors. Take it to shoutbox, kid.

  18. u should like my make usertitle purple.

  19. You call yourself a Grammar Nazi, not to mention the Top Grammar Nazi, and therefor that is a lie considering you use so many Internet acronyms.

  20. The '#1 Grammar Nazi' wouldn't use so many acronyms originated from the Internet.