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  1. He's an idiot, simple as.

  2. Sethy

    Sorry sis was on. :S

  3. Sethy

    Actin' like you know sum bout Ron Paul.

  4. Sethy

    Yep, the old man is a psychotic, hypocritical, homophobic, racist, religion crazed idiot. He's against homosexuality and abortion. He would do harm to minorities and lower class. This is the man you consider a Libertarian?

  5. Just, do you trust FOX as a reliable source of news.

  6. I realize that the other stations don't get strong conservatives, however I very rarely see them attack their opponents personally, or lie about their stories. THAT is more than I can say for Fox. Close minded as completely declining the possibility of being wrong. They just won't accept anything, despite evidence being presented. They're completely stuck on what they already believe. 2nd point? :p

  7. Sethy

    Can you help me? My RSPS is broked :\

  8. Sethy

    Double posting is alloud stopid as long as it isnt spam stopid

  9. Sethy

    Could have said SO I'M COMING!

  10. Sethy

    nop no refunds sry

  11. brty good and busy lately. starting college in spring probs, hbu

  12. Sethy

    I'm on...

  13. Sethy

    Dude I'm doing concessions tomorrow for an auction, so I'll has money then can I plsplspls get it to you TOMORROW and if not you can dispute?

  14. Sethy

    Ye, I wanted you to add me on my new MSN.

  15. Sethy

    Wow man your signature is so sexy.

  16. Sethy

    Dude I'm serious tomorrow. We're having an auction hosted at my grandmas and my mom and I are doing concessions so we're going to make monies. It's been Christmas season so we're like broke atm, busy season uno. But you can just wait one more day and if not dispute plspls.

  17. Sethy

    grandmas dun feel like it

  18. thanks for calling me a nutjob

  19. Good thing I'm a nice guy.

  20. Sethy

    No. And sry thought he was Arab. You can make white jokes on me.

  21. Sethy

    K babes.