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  1. Name: Seth Age: 17 Do you observe the information on the label of food before buying? Always, vegetarian habit. :DHow often do you go to a fast food restaurant? Very, very rarely. I really only go if necessary. Do you maintain a healthy diet? Yessir. Do you eat more industrial or natural food? Natural generally. Do you eat organic food? I don't focus on it, but I eat it when I do... so yes?

  2. I share one with my brother now, but thanks for the offer bro.

  3. Well, my name's Seth.

  4. Yeah, I love women. xD

  5. Set online-mode to false.

  6. I don't think so. :\

  7. It doesn't really hurt...

  8. Sorry meant the 2nd lol.

  9. I've already told you, Olivia Wilde.

  10. Close but no cigar.hint: you got the haircut right, but it's not his shitty old haircut. It's his new one.

  11. Skin sure, height no.

  12. Technically I'm 6'1, but I consider myself 6'2 because I'm practically on the line lol.

  13. Some type of nail gun, I believe.

  14. You're so silly. I do x30 damage on a backstab, plus I hit fast enough to cover the lower damage when it comes to 1v1 combat. I have the perks and armor that give me x30 damage on say, a 50 damage dagger when attacking someone from behind, sneaking. That adds up to 1500 damage in one hit. ;)

  15. Khajiit, ancient shrouded armor from the Dark Brotherhood. In group fights, I'm speced well enough into sneak to take them out 1x1.