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  1. We aren't still do Top Poster are we? If so I could supply proof with a vouch from a moderator here on RuneLocus that I was before the reset. (Furyz) The vouch would come from Chad(Sick`).

  2. Eh, Seth is sexier. <3

  3. I really don't give a shit if I get banned, I'm voicing my opinion and in no way deserve more than an infraction. If he bans me, that proves my point.

  4. Well you see, Cart is a gigantic faggot.

  5. Forgot to add a y. :mad:

  6. Underneath YOUR clothes, there's an endless story. :D

  7. Hi I don't like your signature.

  8. Fuck no I didn't miss it. XD

  9. Omg are you really? :3 I'll always be obsessed with this woman, she's literally everything I've ever thought to be perfection lol. Tiny, curly hair, dances, curvy, hot, sings, I=SHUGEAHPIwrhWRPORGHpwovhWPO;VJWEOJVWEOJVGoj

  10. o.O Yeah, I do and I always have. I don't get night terrors as often as I use too, though.

  11. Tends to come with the sleep paralysis, in a way.

  12. Get on server you nigger.

  13. Nono, that was yesterday.

  14. Make it to the meeting if you can. It's in 10 minutes from this post.

  15. Make it to the meeting if you can. It's in 10 minutes from this post.

  16. I officially proclaim this day the birth of a ginger Jesus.

  17. Do you still want the account...?

  18. About to head over to my grandmas, I'll get on once I'm there.