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  1. Because your ego is blinding you, and you continued to challenge me after I attempted to step out.

  2. Set online-mode to false.

  3. Mmk, I'll try later.

  4. Uh, why?

  5. Can't, my grandmas computer is shit.

  6. Kid is stupid as fuck.

  7. Sethy

    Ye, I wanted you to add me on my new MSN.

  8. Fucking background music.

  9. Tiiitiiiess

  10. I officially proclaim this day the birth of a ginger Jesus.

  11. He's an idiot, simple as.

  12. Sethy

    Sorry went afk, back. I'll brt.

  13. Sethy

    Meet me in my world, my location... World 73 Behind lumbridge castle.

  14. Yeah, just tell me what he needs.

  15. Lol? You're Aj? There goes any possible respect I might of had.

  16. Err, lumby world 73.

  17. Hi :o Welcome to RL.

  18. Sethy

    Oh, k. Damn that sites getting inactive. I'll have a rebuttal up soon. :D

  19. You're gay.

  20. My most recent pic is probably 2 yrs old if you want that.

  21. Lolol ye. I love Trey.