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  1. Just, do you trust FOX as a reliable source of news.

  2. Get on server you nigger.

  3. That's either one GIGANTIC vagina, or the dick is really really small.

  4. Closed it a while ago... lol.

  5. Did you, um, recover it? There's no other way it could have been taken, NOBODY else could have possibly gotten it.

  6. You have to make an infinite circuit, just youtube it.

  7. Is there a reason my account isn't working? -.-

  8. Sethy

    I'm on...

  9. C4D whoring, always been a fan of that style. <3 http://i.imgur.com/PZ4OY.jpg

  10. Hi, I have a challenge for you sir. :> See the Shakira stock in my signature? If you can make a tag out of that I'll love you forever, I can give you the full stock if you're up to it. :)

  11. Wanna ahve angry sex?

  12. Tends to come with the sleep paralysis, in a way.

  13. o.O Yeah, I do and I always have. I don't get night terrors as often as I use too, though.

  14. Omg are you really? :3 I'll always be obsessed with this woman, she's literally everything I've ever thought to be perfection lol. Tiny, curly hair, dances, curvy, hot, sings, I=SHUGEAHPIwrhWRPORGHpwovhWPO;VJWEOJVWEOJVGoj

  15. Underneath YOUR clothes, there's an endless story. :D

  16. Sex up my usertitle with purple nigga.

  17. wtf how are you and friss doing that shit

  18. It's me nigga.

  19. I'll buy your account! [email protected]