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  1. BbZDK.png Is that what you wanted?
  2. ... Of course it's different. However classing isn't negative in anyway. Giving it is basically giving criticism, as it helps them improve. Knowing their standings can either boost confidence of where they are now, or urge them to improve.

  3. @Your sig He realizes that Rosa Parks is the one who changed the whole bus thing?

  4. >mfw you change my name to Furyz

  5. <- First succesful merch. I need to get into this. Also staff of light looks decent, it'd be risky though.

  6. <3 Btw I was getting your messages on MSN but it wasn't letting my reply, it pretty much grayed everything out. msn's a dick

  7. Name: Seth Age: 17 Do you observe the information on the label of food before buying? Always, vegetarian habit. :DHow often do you go to a fast food restaurant? Very, very rarely. I really only go if necessary. Do you maintain a healthy diet? Yessir. Do you eat more industrial or natural food? Natural generally. Do you eat organic food? I don't focus on it, but I eat it when I do... so yes?

  8. A blackjack. Get on RuneScape I'll explain.

  9. A simple typo? Don't even get me to point out all your grammatical errors. Take it to shoutbox, kid.