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  1. Sethy

    K babes.

  2. Nice edit.

  3. Ty for the avatar.

  4. I'm sure? I work for everything I have right now. You're probably just a little kid that doesn't do shit to earn his way. You rely on your parents, for biased information and living.

  5. Why do you think I get my views from CNN? I don't accept any information on news stations, I simply watch to see what they say. I have an open mind, unluck you, and at least think on their side. I do my research, you're obviously one of those fucks who fail to understand someone else's point of view because you believe you're, for some reason, superior to the rest of us. We could throw proof in your face and you'd still be as arrogant to dismiss it.

  6. If you'd look and see, most of the forums at 12 year old skiddies who get their 'opinions' from biased parenting.

  7. You're God now? And no, for being an ignorant fuck that's doing nothing but (seemingly) trolling my page and attempting to offend me. You're failing/

  8. K, you're banned.

  9. Lol, I did right before you posted dat.

  10. Best of luck man. If you need anything you know where to go. You'll be missed.

  11. Fuck, sorry to hear bro. Hate to see you go, but I've always liked you here. Hopefully she pulls through... <3

  12. A'ight. Gonna start with the basics from the Java site, then go read over yours. Oh, and is NetBeans a good IDE? The site recommends it, so I assume it is...

  13. Well I'll try and explain as best I can. The old rank Community Member, the one with the green star, was becoming corrupt. It had people that had no place there, yet alone have contributed at all. Therefor the rank was broken up. Previously, ex-moderators were put into this group after resignation/demotion. I resigned, and I was in there. Now though, it's split up. There is now an ex-moderator rank, or the rank I currently have. Then there's the Contributor rank, which is just a revised version of the old Community Member. This rank is given to members who are helpful, generous, and just overall contributive and have something to offer to the community. That's about as best I can put it.

  14. Hey, I'm thinking about getting into programming again... I'll start off from the official Java site's tutorials, of course, and then read your guide on the 'Basics of Java'. Or should I go vice versa? Anyway, any suggestions on how I should go around to properly learning? Don't want to learn from that gay ass RSPS; already know everything I need to from them, lel. Thanks.<3

  15. What about it? -.-'

  16. Thanks. :p And I've tried rallying people up for events, it's not working. I've got a few ideas in mind but I need to gather RSGP for it first.

  17. Franklin Gothic Demi

  18. I don't give secrets for free. I require nude photos. In all srsness, I'm just that good.

  19. >mfw you change my name to Furyz

  20. World 32? On Its a Fence? If so, add me. Don't see you.

  21. World 32, clan camp.