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  1. Faggot inb4perma

  2. lol umad?

  3. Lol wat?

  4. A simple typo? Don't even get me to point out all your grammatical errors. Take it to shoutbox, kid.

  5. No? Here music is great, how does it make me gay? I can recognize musical talent, and she has a lot of inspiration and spirit in her music. How is that gay?

  6. Um, it's Katy Perry. I'm a Katy Perry fan. Come again?

  7. There's that immaturity again, tsk..

  8. I'm actually 17. I can tell you're much younger though, as you're a complete immature dumbfuck.

  9. How old are you, twat?

  10. Sethy

    Could have said SO I'M COMING!

  11. Sethy

    No. And sry thought he was Arab. You can make white jokes on me.

  12. o m f g Lol, Chad's a faggot.

  13. Yeah, well you're arab. alalala-boosh

  14. Yeah, Sick` is just a faggot. fml Here's, at least, a little more recent one. Lol. http://bit.ly/iEW91p

  15. It's more than 3 yrs old, just added 3 years old ago. Faggot.

  16. I'm going to destroy you, nigger.

  17. No, you cannot have my tiger blood.

  18. There's the technicality again...

  19. Why are you so gay tho?

  20. Well then Ms. Technical.