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  1. Don't tell anyone about the method, please. It can easily be ruined. Ty.

  2. Can't right now, I'm at my grandmas. I'll white list you as soon as I get home.

  3. Err, 480x130.

  4. Waah? Of the banner itself?

  5. No idea, looks like it is, though. It should be a default font. Do you have PS?

  6. There's this too, if you'd prefer: 5cK2f.png

  7. Franklin Gothic Heavy Blending options in PS for it are: Bevel and Emboss Style: Inner Bevel Technique: Smooth Depth: 1% Direction: Up Size: 5px Soften: 16px Rest is default Gradient Overlay: Blend mode: Normal Opacity: 15% Gradient: Black to White Rest is default Stroke: Size: 2px Position: Outside Blend Mode: Normal Opacity: 100% Fill Type: Color Color: Black

  8. BbZDK.png Is that what you wanted?
  9. Forgot sorry, I'll get to it now.

  10. Sethy

    grandmas dun feel like it

  11. Do you want a picture involving RuneScape in it? If so, get me one and sure.

  12. Oh I tend to ignore PMs, sorry. :p[email protected]

  13. About to head over to my grandmas, I'll get on once I'm there.

  14. Aha, thanks. I was just about to look for some. :D

  15. I don't bash... Whatever you say though. My critique is harsh, if someone can't handle the cold hard truth they shouldn't be involved in the art.

  16. Sethy

    I charge for MM.

  17. What RS account?

  18. your such a faggot, smd you twat

  19. You're pathetic.

  20. If you want to be involved in the graphics community, just shut the fuck up and take the critique. Your damn annoying now, and I wasn't bashing it. I was pointing out the negatives, which you specifically asked for in the topic.