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  1. Sorry meant the 2nd lol.

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    Wow man your signature is so sexy.

  3. u should like my make usertitle purple.

  4. Ah, my bad. Thanks. :p

  5. Time's up let's do this

  6. It's a debate, there's never supposed to be hard feelings yo. <3

  7. Sethy

    Sorry sis was on. :S

  8. Name: Seth Age: 17 Do you observe the information on the label of food before buying? Always, vegetarian habit. :DHow often do you go to a fast food restaurant? Very, very rarely. I really only go if necessary. Do you maintain a healthy diet? Yessir. Do you eat more industrial or natural food? Natural generally. Do you eat organic food? I don't focus on it, but I eat it when I do... so yes?

  9. I realize that the other stations don't get strong conservatives, however I very rarely see them attack their opponents personally, or lie about their stories. THAT is more than I can say for Fox. Close minded as completely declining the possibility of being wrong. They just won't accept anything, despite evidence being presented. They're completely stuck on what they already believe. 2nd point? :p