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  1. Khajiit, ancient shrouded armor from the Dark Brotherhood. In group fights, I'm speced well enough into sneak to take them out 1x1.

  2. You're so silly. I do x30 damage on a backstab, plus I hit fast enough to cover the lower damage when it comes to 1v1 combat. I have the perks and armor that give me x30 damage on say, a 50 damage dagger when attacking someone from behind, sneaking. That adds up to 1500 damage in one hit. ;)

  3. Nono, that was yesterday.

  4. O: Lydkid! Hai.

  5. Some type of nail gun, I believe.

  6. Sethy

    Dude I'm serious tomorrow. We're having an auction hosted at my grandmas and my mom and I are doing concessions so we're going to make monies. It's been Christmas season so we're like broke atm, busy season uno. But you can just wait one more day and if not dispute plspls.

  7. Sethy

    Dude I'm doing concessions tomorrow for an auction, so I'll has money then can I plsplspls get it to you TOMORROW and if not you can dispute?

  8. Technically I'm 6'1, but I consider myself 6'2 because I'm practically on the line lol.

  9. Skin sure, height no.

  10. Close but no cigar.hint: you got the haircut right, but it's not his shitty old haircut. It's his new one.

  11. Sethy

    nop no refunds sry

  12. Thank yououuu.

  13. Hey I've got my money babes, I'll be able to get it to you when my mom gets home to bank it.

  14. <3 Btw I was getting your messages on MSN but it wasn't letting my reply, it pretty much grayed everything out. msn's a dick

  15. I loaned it to my mom(which is why I didn't have it) and expected her to pay me back today. She won't be able to until her pay day(Monday). I'll 100% without a doubt be able to get it to you Monday or Tuesday, but if you want to go ahead and look for better offers by then go ahead. My offer still stands tho bb.

  16. If you still wanna donate that 5m, it'd probably help me lots on my prayer goal. :3

  17. o hai bb where have u been all my life

  18. I don't think so. :\

  19. Your signature causes me to ejaculate

  20. I've already told you, Olivia Wilde.