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  1. your mouth luks fun skip dinner plz?

  2. i want you and you want me

  3. Your argument is strangel repetitive and I don't make much sense out of it. I realize mine may be too, but blah. Anyway, yes the minority are actually skilled in design. That's why doing this helps them, because while the minority are good, the majority WANT to be good. So after being classed and realizing they can improve, they work hard too. What you said isn't a fact because purely because it hasn't been proven. It's your perspective on classing.

  4. Honestly, that's not a fact. As you said to be classed good, you must be good. When someone receives a lower class than they'd like, they work harder to get better. That's exactly what critique does. When you tell someone what isn't good, and how they could improve, the work harder to get better.

  5. ... Of course it's different. However classing isn't negative in anyway. Giving it is basically giving criticism, as it helps them improve. Knowing their standings can either boost confidence of where they are now, or urge them to improve.

  6. Not sure. You can download a 30 day trial from Adobe's site, though, for now.

  7. So when we gonna get to work?

  8. No idea, but they're the size I'm going with.

  9. I'll get it done tonight.

  10. Let's discuss. Team Edward or Jacob?

  11. No clue. Google for me! :D

  12. I need the size..

  13. Psst, I need the size of the background. ^.^

  14. I'ma work on your background now. I've kept you waiting enough, eh? XD

  15. Hai there bieber boy.

  16. at my grandmas atm, about to go home and work on it. ;P

  17. Then again, with my expectations of todays RSPS programming, most people shove shit into main. :p

  18. waaaaaaat gay 602.

  19. You got it. <333

  20. Well, that's not really what I had in mind... :(

  21. I miss you and your big, fat...

  22. I make the mermaid noise [email protected]!!!!!!!

  23. seaman in my mouth