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  1. Sure thing. Request sent.

  2. Um, sec changing it. Hate the current one.

  3. I really don't give a shit if I get banned, I'm voicing my opinion and in no way deserve more than an infraction. If he bans me, that proves my point.

  4. You first nigger. :o

  5. I think I may keep it... IDFKIOOMGSHIT

  6. wrong person lol

  7. You wanna go ahead and buy it, 8m?

  8. Actually GIVEITTOME

  9. I'm good. Thanks though, keke.

  10. Youtube background* Remember you were wanting it made for your MW clan or something?

  11. I'll make that banner you've been wanting for a while... ^.^

  12. Happen to be in a refundin' mood?

  13. Sethy

    sex nuff said

  14. Eh, it's cool. I<3Sethy

  15. OMG Haiii. ;D

  16. My name isn't Seth anymore, it's chandler. So I was asking you if you'd change it.

  17. Hello my short toon boy. I changed my name recently-technically switching around my first and middle name-to chandler. Wanna do a man a favor?

  18. hi i ask that u plz revew my modertr applcation so 1-i liek to help pllpl and i thnk i can lkep communty cleen of flmers 2-i wll warn then ban then ipbn offdner and all relatd to him 3-id like to mod idk any plc mayb rsps section tho

  19. Good thing I'm a nice guy.

  20. thanks for calling me a nutjob

  21. Fkcung terrorist faggot

  22. I must love the way you mod babe. 'We all know he's a moron, thanks'. You're so hot, it makes me want you even more.