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  1. brty good and busy lately. starting college in spring probs, hbu

  2. sup bitch ass

  3. is ur dad retarded?

  4. hey gurl r u an archaeologist?

  5. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha your sig omg

  6. bb come back

  7. nigga check shoutbox

  8. Dun play WoW anymore, but I used to play on Stormreaver.

  9. I share one with my brother now, but thanks for the offer bro.

  10. Sethy

    Ariel obv, Little Mermaid.

  11. Fuck no I didn't miss it. XD

  12. Sethy

    Can you help me? My RSPS is broked :\

  13. Well you see, Cart is a gigantic faggot.

  14. Message me when you're on.

  15. Do you still want the account...?

  16. What kind of tablet do you use? I'm looking to get one and I don't know shit about them.

  17. shhhuuuushhhhhhh

  18. Sethy

    Lol k, after I finish with these guys. :D

  19. Hi I don't like your signature.

  20. @Your sig He realizes that Rosa Parks is the one who changed the whole bus thing?

  21. Sethy

    Yep, the old man is a psychotic, hypocritical, homophobic, racist, religion crazed idiot. He's against homosexuality and abortion. He would do harm to minorities and lower class. This is the man you consider a Libertarian?

  22. Sethy

    Actin' like you know sum bout Ron Paul.