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  1. Damn you got small bro
  2. Haven't been here in a bit so I'll post in this thread. Currently I'm in the army, deployed to Afghanistan for 9 months with a little more than 2 months left over here. Place is shitty, obviously. Gonna get out of the military soon and go to college, so I'm excited for that. And I'm married now to my beautiful wife so that's a thing as well. Miss you fags.
  3. Well I'm in Afghanistan, so
  4. Sethy


    Yo good shit. If you got any military questions hmu.
  5. Sethy


    I've always loved the "color blobs", for lack of a better word. It adds an interesting style to any piece and rarely looks bad, especially in something this well done. Gj m8, put together well and I'm liking the atmo I get from it.
  6. The proper term would be eye fatigue. It's just too much in one spot, when the rest is very blurred and dark. Basically you just slightly overworked the lighting, and that causes a decreased focal quality. It's hard to word, but I think you get the idea. Don't get me wrong though, great piece and probably one of the best I've seen from you. KIU.
  7. This one's actually really nice. Keep this up, this is one of the best I've seen from you. The things wrong are that it may be a little too vibrant on the focal, which ironically makes the eyes wonder.
  8. Sethy


    Personally, I think suicide is a pretty, blatantly put, stupid concept. For some religious purposes, I can understand it; you believe there's more than our mortal life. However, for anyone who isn't religious, I don't fucking get it. Assuming you're not religious: there is nothing more than what our life is. How can nothing be preferable to even the shittiest situation? I think it's such a short-sighted decision, even if you're facing a terminal and painful condition. People should always hold hope and faith in their life, and if not I personally consider than, by definition, just stupid.
  9. Sethy

    Sethy in Army??

    [quote name='ZamorakPs']army life is amazing[/QUOTE] um nah wtf 10 char minimum now?
  10. Sethy

    Sethy in Army??

    Should be going to air assault here shortly. Wassup
  11. Sethy

    Sethy in Army??

    [quote name='ricardo14484']hes no arnold schwardznegger[/QUOTE] i mean yes that is true
  12. Sethy

    Sethy in Army??

    [quote name='woofdawg']thats dope man i wana become a secret agent like in spy movies.[/QUOTE] o shit dawg with a little go get it attitude and hard work u can do anything :)
  13. Sethy

    im batman

    Lighting can be used to create depth.