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  1. This is an old Runescape 2006 Remake that I worked on. I put a lot of time and effort into this, however it it has not been worked on in a while now. I figured since I am no longer working on this, it would be better to release for public use. Hopefully someone finds this useful Download Links Package (server/client/cache/file server): - Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/m39259kgo10xcgm/2006Redone.zip - Google drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4TXbh8Ufp_aMXZkV3FydWx3YzA/view Server Only: - Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/zdjw09p2cs74v4y/2006Redone+Server.zip - Google drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4TXbh8Ufp_aVzJGNkI2ZWxEalU/view Enjoy. This remake is highly accurate and has a lot complete, please make sure you use an IDE if you use this This is an old project, so obviously some of the code could use work.
  2. Login just like you would on any other server and the account is created.
  3. Use eclipse and run the server, client, and file server.
  4. You need to add the fixes from the thread to fix that. ::item id amount for spawning items.
  5. Yes indeed. Could be done better, but I'm sure someone will find this base useful :).
  6. Thanks mate, hopefully someone can find some use for this
  7. Would be very easy to work on this. Ask away if you have questions
  8. No problem mate Updated thread with more fixes as well.
  9. Welcome to Mr Extremez's Server Services! Click on the icon below to add me on Skype to avoid impostors: With my services you easily trust me as I have 125+ vouches on r-s and 700+ vouches from other sites as well. Below are the Skills I can add Prayer Firemaking Cooking Woodcutting Mining Thieving Agility Fletching Slayer Duo Slayer Fishing Herblore Crafting Below are the Quests I can add Cooks Assistant Sheep Shearer Dorics Quest Gertrudes Cat Knights Sword Vampyre Slayer Witchs Potion Rune Mysteries Imp Catcher Pirates Treasure Custom Quests and more... Below are the Minigames I can add (If you are missing object/mapdata for these i will not fix that as that is not part of the service): Fight Pits 63 Fight Caves or 1 Wave (Can do any custom amount of waves) Fight Kiln (This is a custom system, you fight two jads at the same time while risking you Fire cape, if you win you receive the TokHaar-Kal cape) Fishing Trawler Castlewars and more... Other Server Services I offer: Full clipping 377 mapdata or lower (Player, npc, and projectile) Rsa encryption Random event handler + I can include up to 11 random events with it Choose your exp rate system Npc transformation mask Guilds Base that opens all guilds and has fully functional cooks guild and ranging guild Anti spamming systems Bankpins Perfect Melee Combat Formula Creating point systems with shops, saving, and anything else you would like with it also Logging systems (Trading, dueling, pking, private messaging, alching, dropping items, picking up items, clicking items, shop buying, shop selling, commands, etc) Traveling systems (Gnome glider, sailing, teleporting, basic canoe, etc) Achievement system Dwarf cannon Full Skill Interfaces (377) Dupe fixes that I am able to fix Bug fixes that I am able to fix Cleaning up server (Removing warnings, fixing errors, rewriting code, etc) Adding basically any tutorial/snippet that you want me to add to your server Client Services Client Services I offer Currently: Jaring the client Rsa encryption & changing the client uid if needed Packing data (gfx, anims, items, npcs) Cleaning up client (Removing warnings, fixing errors, rewriting code, etc) Cachedownloader New level up interfaces for skills Enter to Login support K/M/B support Right click to PM Object height support Middle mouse button rotation Zoom in & Zoom out button Money pouch (Holds up to 1 Trillion, K/M/B support) Xp counter ...and probably more just ask over or Skype or pm Payment Payment methods I accept: Paypal RS 2007 GP RS3 GP Your options for payment: If I deem you trustworthy then: You upload your source, then you send it to me. After that I show you proof I have added the service you have requested. Then you send the money. Lastly I upload the source back to you. If you are a newcomer, someone I don't trust, or sketchy: I will either not do services for you, or I will have you pay first. Then you will upload the source and send it to me. After that I will add the service. Lastly I will upload the souce back to you. This way no one gets ripped off. After the service I will delete your source off my computer and you can watch me if you want to.How to decide what something costs:First you will make an offer on something you want to buy, if I think it is fair I will agree to it, if not I will say what I think is fair. If you don't want to offer I'll tell you a price I think is fair. Order Form: 1: Have you already added me on skype or pm'd me about your service(s)? 2: What is your payment method? 3: What service(s) are you asking for What will I be providing services for? Project Insanity Servers 317 Renamed Clients In the future I will be offering more services though. TOS Terms of Service: No refunds. No releasing any content I add for you unless I give you permission to do so. If you change ANY of my files and mess it up, you will agree to pay for a fix. You will vouch after the service is complete. You will thank the thread and rep++ after the service is complete. You will not remove the thank after the service is complete. You will not dispute the money sent to my paypal after the service is done. You will not scam me and waste my time. I have the right to deny any request for any reason i desire. If you release any of my content without my permission you will pay me a fine that I think is fair. You will pay Paypal fees. By reading this thread or accepting my services you acknowledge this T.O.S and agree with it. Contact Me Add me on Skype: mrextremez I have over 1,500+ overall vouches on all the websites I use, including 115+ vouches on r-s, 10+ vouches on runelocus, and many more vouches on other websites. ALWAYS ASK ME FOR A PM I WILL NOT DENY ONE!!!!
  10. I am open to do some services, if you are interested fill out the form, and add my Skype @ mrextremez (click to add) please!
  11. I am open to do some more services, if you are interested fill out the form, and add my Skype @ mrextremez (click to add) please!
  12. I am open to do some more services, if you are interested fill out the form, and add my Skype @ mrextremez (click to add) please!
  13. I am open to do some more services, if you are interested fill out the form, and add my Skype @ mrextremez (click to add) please!
  14. I am open to do some services, if you are interested fill out the form, and add my Skype @ mrextremez (click to add) please!