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  1. Join today, look at my posts!!!
  2. The AntiLeech is that there is no Client.java and the UID is different with the server to login, to get a client.java you need to get it from a DSPK client.
  3. I have the right to release this hence I was one of the developers. * Server features: Hand Cannon Full morrigan javelins and throwing axes VENTRILO!! Coinshare Full Skill cape emotes! Real turmoil! New 602 animation and gfx’s Correct spirit shield bonuses and EFFECTS! Clue Scrolls!! Full Slayer Point System 60+ People on at all times Crystal Key chest have the chance to get 3rd age and rares New OverLoads Pots Full working chaotic weapons Full Godwars Turmoil! Working LootShare Full functioning Clan Chat Working obelisk teleporters Kbd Dagganoths All inboune rings ex berserker ring(i) Full weapon specials and emotes Full autocasting Constant Updates Arcane Stream necklaces All Spirit Shields [Full weapon specials and emotes Pvp armours Full Pvp weapons specials correct emotes Shops There is training but you can start off by doing ::pure ! Full Pvp weapons specials correct emotes Perfect Hybriding Open Staff Slots Running on dedicated NO Lag 24/7 Full Skilling for the Non pkers Fight pits Full dueling with staking Full pest control http://www.speedyshare.com/files/26788563/Relentless_Scape_NEW.rar Here's a virus scan for the kids who think you can Scan Java files. It has a lot of downloads because I posted it on other forums as well.