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  1. Ok ty but now i have an other problem with 2 different clients here is the error [url]http://postimg.org/image/zdvulba7n[/url]
  2. Ok ty but now i have an other problem with 2 different clients here is the error
  3. Hi everyone, I have a little problem with all client I get on the internet. I always have the same error when compiling ( 3 errors ) In eclipse these 3 errors are jsobject.getWindow() I think eclipse dont reconize the getWindow() method. Im trying to run rune-evo V3 the new source 752 but i can't because of these errors :mad: ( I have JDK 1.8_05 and Jre8 ) Anyone can help me im only 16 years old and Im not that great in java Also If compatibility with Rune-evo and matrix client cannot work, link me Rune-evo running 43594 and not 43595 ( English isn't my first language so if someone need skype to help me try to talk a bit slower ty )
  4. Zephrokht

    Modify Shop Rsps

    Hello everyone ! I need some help here ... Im a newbie in java and I have a question. How i can modify shop in a 718 rsps ( Lost Realm ). Thank you ! P.S: I want to add mithril seeds to my general store
  5. Zephrokht

    Lost Realm

    Hello runelocus, I have a question for anyone who know the answer ... Do we can add custom music to any rsps ? ( I use Lost realm rsps and Matrix client ) Thank you ! :D
  6. I add you on skype plz help me
  7. And yes ... compile after that ( You must have Java Developement Kit )
  8. You have two ways : 1: Go to player.java search for rights and change the name for yours ( In-game name ^^ ) 2: In the commands.java change the 2 to 0 on that line : if (playerCommand.startsWith("item") && c.playerRights >= 2) { P.s : Usage -- ::item itemId HowMuch \\ For the item Id go in the tools section of runelocus :D
  9. Hello everyone ;) , I have a question on the lost-realm drop editor ... I want change the drop rate of Kree'arra drops but when i change the rate the old rate return ( the old rate is 0.9 , I change it to 15.0, I repack and its turn back to 0.9 when i close the drop editor :mad: ) Plz anyone help me it too hard to get a drop with 0.9 % a kill ( Don't say its easy i don't programing at all :rolleyes: )
  10. Zephrokht

    Need help

    Hello ! I need a 751 cache ... i have a 99% working 751 cache now ( I just need this file to reach the 100% : main_file_cache.idx2 ) In my cache this file is corrupted and i don't know how i can fix it ... This is the link of my cache : [url]http://www.gigasize.com/get/l185r73vjcd[/url] I know 751 is not a stable build but plz help me =)
  11. Zephrokht


    Any one can give me ( Id: 4681 ) blue drags Coords Plz :confused:
  12. Hello all, On my Citellum source, the Anti-dragon shield doesnt work ... Some one can help me to patch this :confused:
  13. Hello all, I have a little problem here and i need help ... I Use Citellum Source but the client of citellum have 4 error than I take a other client and in the client they said : 1. Make sure your source revision is 718 2. Your server sided and client sided SUB_REVISION MUST match/be the same. 3. Have the same port forward client and server-sided (such as 43594) 4. Make sure your source has fully initiated before running the client. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1: Easy 2: ------> Dont know what that 3: Easy 4: Easy
  14. [url]http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Rsps+cache+718[/url]