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  1. Omg add me plz spam whore

  2. I've done that, many times.
  3. [quote name='CaliScapeEnhanced']Awesome! Can't wait. We'll see you soon and tell your friends.[/QUOTE] Will do my friend.
  4. [url]http://prntscr.com/17hlzz[/url] The shout box and top 10 posters is down. I don't know if this is just me or whoever else.
  5. South park is just straight up gay...
  6. Can you make me a sig?
  7. Dahlia


    Does anyone code visual basic?
  8. [quote name='poliwhirl']Both the downloads are set to private.[/QUOTE] Thats not good.
  9. Dahlia

    Grand Exchange

    [quote name='Invexity']There are missing functions from the class player that are missing (E.G. removeGEAtrribute and getGEAttribute) as well as setGE in WorldPacketEncorder. If you could kindly send over the missing code I would be in your debt.[/QUOTE] Maybe its missing for a reason ;)