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  1. so i added a respawn time to a zombie in npc.cfg like this npc = 74 Zombie 200 200 43 but it gives me an error when i run the server. so I'm wondering is there only specific respawn numbers that work with certain npcs? because I've added a respawn time to other npcs and it works after i use a few different numbers in the respawn time column.
  2. Ok so I"ve recently added skill capes to my game. But there is no "do skillcape" button on my emote interface. How do i add a button to it so that when its clicked it does the skillcape emote? thanks!
  3. I know this has probably been asked a million times.. but is there anyone who can help me do this? or point me in the right direction? any help would be appreciated. THANKS. have a great day! :gg:
  4. Yes im trying to make a minigame
  5. Ok so Ive written code that makes a player teleport after killing a certain npc, but i was wondering if somebody would be so kind as to try and explain how to make it so that they have to kill several of the npcs before they are teleported. any help/tips/tutorials/links you can provide would be greatly appreciated. thanks. Even if you only read this still have a great day. :D if (npcs[i].npcType == 3) { temp.toX = 3347; temp.toY = 3250; temp.heightLevel = 0; temp.addItem(995, 100000); temp.sM("Congratz"); This is the code ive writtten.
  6. I have deleted the tree spawns in npc spawning and put packed only the stuff in unpacked spawn list but still the tree cuts down, then doesnt come back? any reason why this would be?
  7. So I've tried to get trees/NPCS I've spawned using NPCSpawning.java to respawn after being cut down/killed. But Nothing seems to work. (Example) Ive added the tree to the unpacked spawns list and packed them as well but still nothing? do i need to remove the NPCSpawning.java code for the tree and only put it in unpacked spawns? please inform me what im doing wrong. THANKS (Ive attached a picture of what code ive put where) [ATTACH=CONFIG]8887[/ATTACH]
  8. [quote name='vatospec']set a timmer for the npc and for the tree i think u should look in your woodcutting methode[/QUOTE] do you mean woodcutting.java?
  9. Title says it all. How do i make it so my trees when cut down, respawn and so that npcs that are killed respawn? Ive tried using the unpacked spawns list and it doesnt seem to work. Help please!