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  1. You can find the latest and previous updates here Updates 13/06/2016 - You can now respend to messages from those who have changed their display name by pressing the tab key (if you have added their new name) - Those who have final boss unlocked will now be locked back up due to a new requirement - Dying at QBD will have your items outside of the cave entrance of the Queen Black Dragon's lair - Shooting stars will appear every 3 hours (if the previous star has been removed) - The afk timer has been slightly increased - Metal dragons should no longer be able to hit you with fire if you have the correct protection] - Kingly imps now have a chance of dropping Red chinchompas
  2. You can find the latest and previous updates here http://project-majora.uk/Forums/showthread.php?tid=125 - Farming patches should no longer null - Players can no cast/auto cast Magic dart - The Vecna skull can now be used as intended - Agility shortcuts in Fremennik Slayer dungeon and Kuradel's dungeon now work as intended - LRC mining deposits are now minable again - Massive pouch has been added to the vote store - Massive pouch can hold up to 18 pure essence and requires 90 Runecrafting - You can now obtain Morytania legs and Explorer's ring from the Achievements at the Gnome child - You can now cancel Boss assignments by visiting any Slayer master and cancelling the assignment for 30 points - Completionist requirements are now in-game and more will be added later on
  3. You can see all the latest and previous updates here! http://project-majora.uk/Forums/showthread.php?tid=118 - Ironman titles can now be unlocked from Xuan - You can no longer gain magic experience whilst in a dungeon. This is to prevent people being able to AFK magic and essentially get free magic experience due to the runes you obtain at the start of the dungeon - You can now no longer spawn multiple guthix wizards from spamming the spade when digging for clues - Killing any dragon (including KBD) will now count towards your killcount for the dragon slayer title - Ironmen can now access Sir Tiffy's store for initiate and proselyte armours - Plant pots have been added to the Ironman Essentials store so they can grow trees - Some typos have been fixed regarding the achievement from the gnome child - Jossik now sells all damaged books for 500k each - You can now add the relevant pages to each damaged book
  4. You can see all the latest and previous updates here!http://project-majora.uk/Forums/showthread.php?tid=114- You can now obtain the following titles via Xuan at home- The Novice- The Playful- The Dedicated- The Veteran- Dragon Slayer- The Resourceful- Slayer Master- Maxed- Summoning will now provide the correct experience when creating pouches- Lootbeams will now appear when getting drops in Lootshare- Lootbeams will appear when an Effigy drops- Hammers have been added to the Ironman Essentials store- You can now deposit money into your bank from your money pouch- Volatile hammer now works with construction- Gold charms are now kept on death along with the other charms- Icey Bones now has the correct HP
  5. You can see all the latest and previous updates here! http://project-majora.uk/Forums/showthread.php?tid=103 - You can now use the following commands to shout your boss killcount ;;graardorkc ;;kreearrakc ;;zilykc ;;krilkc ;;nexkc ;;corpkc ;;kbdkc ;;dagkc ;;kqkc ;;tdkc - The NPC log will now also display the amount of drops you'd had from said NPC e.g. Abyssal demon x20, Drops: Abyssal Whip x1 - Baby implings now have a chance of dropping a spade (this was due to the recent ironman update)
  6. - Super antifire potions now work when fighting against chromatic dragons - Dunegoneering has once again been nerfed to balance it out with other skills - Dungeoneering bosses no longer scale with your combat level so it's more challanging - Ironmen will now receive a teleport crystal in their inventory when they first login to the game - With this update, anyone who was an ironman before can claim a teleport crystal by logging in and it'll be placed into their banks - The Al Kharid teleport will now actually teleport you there - Changes to the Acheivements system - Ardougne cloak remains the same, 1% xp boost with Ardougne cloak 1, 2.5% xp boost with Ardougne cloak 2, 5% xp boost with Ardougne cloak 3 and 10% xp boost with Ardougne cloak 4 with both Ardougne 3 and 4 having the chance of obtaining more loot when thieving from stalls - Falador shield is now obtained via farming achievements and gives xp boosts respectively. Falador shield 1, 1% xp boost, Falador shield 2, 2.5% xp boost, Falador shield 3, 5% xp boost and Falador shield 4, 10% xp boost. Each sheild also has a chance to note the herb you obtained which each shield increasing the probablity of this happening - Varrock armour is obtianed via smithing bars (not smelting) and gives xp boosts respectively. Varrock armour 1, 1% xp boost, Varrock armour 2, 2.5% xp boost, Varrock armour 3, 5% xp boost and Varrock armour 4, 10% xp boost. Each Varrock armour also has a chance to obtain you an additional ore with Varrock armour 1 allowing this up to Gold ore and all armours have a 10% chance of this to happen with the ores you can do this with increasing with each armour. - Seer's headband is obtianed via Woodcutting and gives xp boosts respectively. Seer's headband 1, 1% xp boost, Seer's headband 2, 2.5% xp boost, Seer's headband 3, 5% xp boost and Seer's headband 4, 10% xp boost. All headbands give you double normal logs when cutting down normal trees and the Seer's headband 2 and upwards can give you 10% more experience when cutting down maple trees - Fremennik sea boots are obtained via fishing and gives xp boosts respectively. Fremennik sea boots 1, 1% xp boost, Fremennik sea boots 2, 2.5% xp boost, Fremennik sea boots 3, 5% xp boost and Fremennik sea boots 4, 10% xp boost. Each boots give an increasing chance to catch another fish and with the fremennik boots 4, when killing the Dagannoth Kings, their bones will be noted. - Karamja gloves are obtained via Herblore and gives xp boosts respectively. Karamja gloves 1, 1% xp boost, Karamja gloves 2, 2.5% xp boost, Karamja gloves 3, 5% xp boost and Karamja gloves 4, 10% xp boost.
  7. You can check out the latest updates here! Updates 04/06/2016 - Ironmen accounts can now be created - Ironmen accounts will have an icon next to their name displaying that they are an ironman account - Ironmen accounts restrictions: - They cannot see drops from other players. That includes items been dropped by the player or an NPC that player has killed. - They cannot trade other players - They cannot buy from general stores (as they may contain items from other players) - They cannot use the grand exchange - A Grand Exchange clerk is now situated at home - Phoenix feathers have been added to the Herblore supply store - Fixed an issue when trying to upgrade Void Knight robe into it's elite version - You can now once again pray to the statues in the Mage Arena pool for god capes - Killing the Dagannoth kings should now go towards their killcount - You can now no longer loot the barrows chest if you have less than 6 inventory slots available - Antifire potions from hard clue scrolls are now noted - Scorpion tasks have been removed from the Turael and Mazchna's slayer assignments - Broad arrows can now be fletched - Volatile hatchet now has the correct woodcutting animation - Skeletons in Ape atoll dungeon have had their stats reworked - You can now access Ganodermic beasts with the Teleport crystal within the Slayer locations section - Ganodermic beasts require 95 slayer to attack - The Oo'Glog teleport in the Cities section in the Teleport crystal has been replaced with an Al kharid teleport - Runecrafter clothes have been added to the Play point store - Runecrafter clothes provide 5% experience boost when Runecrafting - When receiving a rare or very rare reward from Grim's boss tasks a world message will now broadcast - Farming has been massively improved to replicate RuneScape's systems a bit more - Horvik now stocks Neitiznot helms
  8. You can check out the latest updates here! http://project-majora.uk/Forums/showthread.php?tid=84 - You should now be able to private message your friends again - All chromatic dragons now follow the same combat system minus brutal green dragons - King black dragon now has his own instance for you to fight in - Players can now access the Giant mole by digging at the mole hills in Falador park - The Giant mole has had her drop table improved - The Giant mole's has had her stats improved - When fighting the Giant mole, at 50% HP she has a 25% chance of fleeing to a random location in the lair - Mole claws, noses and skin can be traded to Wyson the gardener for bird nests containing seeds - Bird nests containing seeds can now be noted
  9. You can check out the latest updates here! http://project-majora.uk/Forums/showthread.php?tid=76&pid=186#pid186 - The tool leprechaun will now note all herbs when spoken to - The dragonfire shield's stats have been buffed to portray it's "charged" state - You can now fletch 15 arrows, bolts and darts at a time instead of just 1 - When a player receives a third-age piece from a clue scroll, it should now state what piece they had got - Gilded armour from clue scrolls now broadcast - Fayrg and Raurg bones can now be used on the altar at home - You can now dissasemble Full and regular Slayer helms - Prices for the following items have been changed: God pages, Hexcrest, Focus sight, Black mask and herblore supplies - You will no longer lose the following items on death: Summoning charms, herbicide and bonecrusher
  10. You can check out the latest updates here! http://project-majora.uk/Forums/showthread.php?tid=73 - An issue for an expliot has been now patched - Fighter torso and fighter hat will be protected on death - Food packs now contain 200 cooked lobsters, 150 cooked Monkfish, 50 cooked Shark - You can now claim your Saradomin, Guthix and Zamorak capes from the Mage bank sparkling pool - You can now upgrade your Void knight top and robe by right-clicking upgrade for 200 play points which will upgrade it into elite void - Members can now use yell again - When farming Wood trees the experience has been drastically improved - You can now buy wine of Zamorak from the herblore store
  11. Lack of udpates today unfortunately. You can check out the latest updates here! http://project-majora.uk/Forums/showthread.php?tid=70 - Some typos have been corrected - Pest control is now fully functional - Construction has been improved and you can now also gain experience from creating the planks required
  12. You can check out the updates here; http://project-majora.uk/Forums/showthread.php?tid=64 - The following NPC's have had their stats updated; Corporeal Beast, All GWD bosses, King black dragon, Chaos dwarf handcannoners, Chaos Dworges, Gaint bats, Guthix Wizard, The Kendal, tanglefoot, all chromatic dragons, all metalic dragons, all slayer creatures- All dragons have had their drop tables improved- Max has stocked up on more impling jars and pure essence- The Guthix wizard will now attack with magic and melee and switch styles regarding what prayer you're using
  13. Updates - The Kingly imp found it's way back onto the island and is no longer stranded in the sea- Hand cannons now require 61 ranged and 61 firemaking to equip- Chaos Dworges, handcannoners and giant bats have had their stats reworked- Bonds are now buyable from the voting store for 40 voting points or from the general store for 5 million coins- Bonds are used to buy Majora coins or 1 month's membership. If you have donated this becomes a permanent membership- You'll now get a message when voting to instruct you on how to claim your points- Players can no longer rake weeds without any free inventory spaces- You can now once again obtain crops from farming
  14. Updates - Max and Lowe have increased some of their stock e.g. Arrows and craftable items - The Kiss the Frog random event is now 5 times less likely to appear due to feedback - Finding Ghostly cloth is now twice as unlikely to find - Buying from the play points store should no longer decrease your voting points - Combat potions are now nerfed and only give the same buffs and regular attack and strength potions - The Kiss the Frog Random will not spawn whilst you're in combat and instead has a chance spawn after the NPC has died - When drinking Combat potion (2) it'll no longer sudden gain another dose - The King Black Dragon has been drastically improved and is now a formidable foe - The King Black Dragon can now freeze and poison you and also lower your stats - When opening your potion packs antifire potions will now be noted and also you'll recieve regular defence potions to co-inside with the combat potion nerf - You can now access the Dwarven battlefield via the Misc. Teleports options in the teleport crystal - Chaos dwarves and Chaos Dworges have a rare chance of dropping the dragon pickaxe - The following items will now be broadcasted when dropped; Saradomin's Hiss, Saradomin's Whisper, Saradomin's Murmur, Glacyte boots, dragon pickaxe - Shards of Armadyl should no longer broadcast when dropped - Horvik now stocks Granite mauls
  15. Bump! Weekly updates