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  1. very nice server i recomend it for all the ones who read this!!
  2. Pls can anyone help me fixing this, i dont know what it means and either how to solve it, i think is a portfoward problem. Pls if you know add me on skype: rsps117 [ATTACH=CONFIG]8608[/ATTACH]
  3. gonzalez

    Js5connect error

    Hello....my friend and me are trying to mmake a rsps and we have really weird problems we have no ideas such as problems on the client like js5connect or errors porfowarding....can someone help me please is really ergent! Skype: rsps117 Thanks
  4. gonzalez

    719 base

    hey i am making a 718/719 rsps and i need a 719 base, cache/client but i have been searching but currently i dont find any so if you guys can help me where can i get 1 it would really work thanks:D:D:D:D
  5. So i can be maybe ur partner because i also want to make a rsps
  6. I can help you...add me to skype rsps117
  7. very nice server it looks very good i would like to join it now!
  8. this guy hacks rsps and accounts dont join his server you will end up like our server pissed off and that annoys every one. he also is going to steal ur donations and have control of you....fuck you
  9. we have been working hard coding lots of things not as matrix
  10. they are many features you just need to join to take a look we have been working very hard for a good experience so i hope you join
  11. hello and welcome to a new server, for now this is beta. we need players and also we need professional people to gain a spot. when we get to 25 players online we would make a drop party! features: we got nex godwars dungeon barrows minigames all skills working dungeon ring loyalty shop cool places good economy queen black dragon corp tormented demonds kurdal`s dungeon polypore dungeon glacors jadinko lair slayer tower and many more! client download: [url]https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/48148384/xiduth.jar[/url] webclient: [url]http://xiduth.zapto.org/game.php[/url] images at: [url]http://xiduth.imgur.com/[/url] hope to see you soon
  12. help me i can get to the forum or website