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  1. Join discord Owners/Developers: Wenty & Sagacity Join Now [/URL] Open the link for see more!
  2. RSPS Revision: Matrix 718/667. Services can start from 10$ - Taking in consideration my profissionalism and my commitment with stuff I do! What kind of services do I offer? - Custom interfaces with scrollbars, hover buttons, items containers, and some other CS2 Scripts. - Custom items packing, cache editing, sprites editing (cache in general). - Achievements system. - Forums services (Setup/Blocks). - Vote for rewards installing. - Custom bosses CombatScripts. - Boss pets, skilling pets. - Server content in general. - Gamemodes, Iron man modes. - Custom features (you design, order and I code :D) - Login screen editing, loading screens gfx. - GFX basic and basic-intermediary website services (HTML,PHP and CSS). BE CAREFUL WITH IMPOSTERS
  3. I'm Matthew, i'm a 19 year Computer Science student, i'm coursing 2nd year, and I opened this project in order to getting better in Java language, I do have 6 years of RSPS experience and I must be able to adminstrate for the 4th time. For those who are expecting a well-coded OSRS back-end server, please follow up our Development notes on our forums. We are updating everyday, and adding content to the server, so register there and start engaging with the other members which will be the future players. I'm not putting much information into this thread, this is more to advertise our forum to get some active posters there to make a big enjoyable community! Also, i'm in requirement for some Forum Moderators, so if you're interested, apply for it there! we are needing 2 atm. Our forums: http://taurus-ps.com/ Other links (Incase you want to see our current web-applications): Highscores (with player cards, prestiges, etc). Vote for Rewards: Expected release date: 15/05. Revision: OSRS with #70 Data (Loading some #108 items - Planning on adding all #108 data on the future). Some medias: More info at our forums!