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  1. You really cannot find the server IP I downloaded it just to look for you I open it first thing I see 2-5 seconds in is the damn ip search for this and it's under this ! public static String getHost() {
  2. Shittiest fucking 2006 remake I have seen to this day. The good 2006 remakes are unreleased and only 2-3 people have them. I have one of the oringal websites for 2006 how it was set up back in the day. :) my 2006 remake has been going on for 1.5 years now and WILL never be released because I don't code with others I do it myself.
  3. [quote name='hexan']if u kept the old accounts maybe I would play but start with new account after waste months of voting in few years ago of course I will not join :p[/QUOTE] Not trying to start shit on a advertisement but kid you ain't a blood give your head a shake look up Jane And Finch In Toronto and let me know what you think of a real hood
  4. Goodluck don't look to bad looks like a lot of effort was put into this mainly snippets and tutorials I can see though.
  5. Server is shit people on the server are dicks I can say I know 10 people or more who quit in a day lmao
  6. Why have 2 advertisements back to back. Honestly checked it out and it was garbage sorry to say it
  7. [quote name='NewDev']This is the EXACT Spawnscape 614 when it got shut down, there will be changes but only changes the people want Download link:*Spawnscape 614.rar Owner - Chris Admin/Owner - Kelcie Head mod - (need one) Mod - Project - (Justin) Mod - {need one} Mod - (need one) PVP Spawn server that takes cash, Perfect for bridding.[/QUOTE] Lmao just going to leech it right after you download it eh typical now a days. Kids like you get ddosed you will see :)
  8. demolition


    I just added you add me I will help ya bro
  9. Mac is honestly shit :) and I like your specs ^^ I am updating my processor soon and by the way all you people thinking my pc is shit it's liquid cooled which means I can overclock the fuck outta it and still run it better
  10. Well he posted a link but you need the password for the download *facepalm*
  11. Banned for banning me and lying about it !!
  12. It was a secret but I felt something sucking me when I was sleeping lastnight turned the light on to find out it was a GUY!! >.<
  13. You have been banned because you are a guy and you suck cock! lol sorry
  14. I like this tbh all the people hating on it go choke on something honestly and starting arguments cause your mad he has a better server then you LOLOL :L
  15. Sure whats the link to the game link me in pm