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  1. inder09

    Need a coder!!

    im looking to work on a 317 i know how to do abit of stuff myself but im looking for an experienced coder to do stuff for me of coarse pay is included depending on what you do and other benefits leave skype below or pm me
  2. i am trying to make a new rsps now i got some ideas and abit of knowledge but i want someone who knows there stuff i can pay them if needed reply below with your contact info if interested i have kik and skype
  3. got a 718 project i am willing to give a portion of the doantions to you. reply with skype name or email
  4. Username: Which service do you want: just got some minor fixes if you can 718 rsps Additional Information: Contact Details(prefer Skype): inderpal.sahota got a car picture Timezone: pacific