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  1. -Slayer helmets have been fixed and all helmets are now equiptable, creatable and have their correct stats -Bone to peaches tabs have been added to the Pvm point shop for 10 pvm points each -Trolleim teleport has been added and the Diary has been added when teleporting there via the spell book -The mithril smithing interface guide will now display a mithril kiteshield and not a bronze kiteshield -The thirdage pickaxe and axe will now have a higher success rate for mining ores/cutting trees -The Dragonhunter Mystery box has been finished and added to the Donator store -Chances for receiving clue bottles while fishing has been increased -When a player creates an account, it will automatically launch the discord link -Chance for receiving clue nests while woodcutting have been increased. rates | easy: 1:250, medium: 1:500, hard: 1:750 -Removed the need for admins to type "-" between the giveitem command -The youtuber referral system has been finished. players can only claim youtuber referral rewards on 1 account -Weapon Sheathing has been fixed and works 100% with all godswords + Kril's swords -Whip and Dragon boots have been removed from the PVM point shop to give players a chance to grind + to give them more value -Dragon darts have been added to the PVM point shop along side Dragon arrows for 2 PVM points -The twisted crossbow has been slightly buffed to make room for the Dominion crossbow (2nd best crossbow currently in-game!) *Dominion crossbow range bonus: 135 *Twisted Crossbow range bonus: 150 -Monsters now drop PVM caskets at 1:40 rates. these are one of the many steps we wil be taking to bring more gold coins into the economy -The trading post has been finished and works 100% as intended. The interface will be going through a rework very soon! -Players can now imbue the Turqoise slayer helmet to (i) -Master capes (200M XP capes) 5% droprate bonus now displays properly -Colored Infernal capes and Fire capes are no longer tradeable -The tekton sword has a 1 in 5 chance to hit 2-5 burning damage 3x over 3.5 seconds after the hit
  2. -The Dice bag, Justiciar Shield & new home portal models have been repacked -A second scene has been added to the login screen -Fixed Lands End & the hunter teleports -Silver, Gold and Coal ores have been removed from raid 1 drops Raids 1 fixes: -Fixed drops sometimes not being given to all players -raised the amount of herb drops + removed lower lvl herbs from raid drops -Added Bloodmoney, Gold Coins & Dragonbones to common raid 1 drops -Removed uncut gems from raid 1 drops -The infernal Harpoon has been added to raids 1 drops (1:15 to hit the table) -The Twisted Crossbow has been added to the Raids 1 drop table (Most powerful overall crossbow) -Fixed some dialogue with infernal key announcements -Players will now always receive drops while in raids 1 -Crystals will now be removed so players can use the stairs at raids 1
  3. Hey guys, the rest of the christmas event is finally here as well as some other goodies for you to earn. Thank Corey for the Custom models for the KBD armor + the Boss masks! -The Christmas event is now finished -A new Custom Event Boss can be spotted around Valius. Anti Santa will drop 2 Exclusive custom pets + Presents! -the King Black Dragon will now drop KBD armor which will give a % of health back depending on the amount of pieces a player is wearing -Custom boss masks have been created by Corey and packed in. These Masks will be dropped by their respected GWDS boss (General Graardor mask, Commander Zyliana Mask, K'ril Tsutsaroth Mask and the Kree'arra Mask) These masks will be COSMETIC items. -Support for Custom textures has been added -Some pathing issues when attacking monsters has been fixed -Some clipping issues at the home are have been fixed -Slayer tasks are now obtainable again
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nRsCyApkZA Trials of Xeric is a wave-based, team minigame/raid aimed at keeping you on your toes to manage your prayers and prioritization of kill orders. The minigame consists of 20 waves of monsters and bosses from Chambers of Xeric. Waves Monster Wave Monster Wave Monster Wave Monster Wave Boss Wave Monster Wave Monster Wave Monster Wave Monster Wave Boss Wave Monster Wave Monster Wave Monster Wave Monster Wave Boss Wave Monster Wave Monster Wave Monster Wave Boss Wave Final Boss Wave (Three bosses) Drop Tables Drop rates in ToX are based on the damage that you have contributed to the team. Rare drops include; Nex Armors(Torva, Pernix, Virtus), as well as the highly coveted Zaryte Bow! Drop Structure: Less than 4,999 damage dealt - 1/100 Rare Drop Rate 5,000-7,999 damage dealt - 3/100 Rare Drop Rate 8,000-9,999 damage dealt - 5/100 Rare Drop Rate more than 10,000 damage dealt - 7/100 Rare Drop Rate
  5. -A new skill is available for Classic/Event mode players: Cooking -The fishing skill has been rewritten -Credits: Fox News -The issue causing players to disconnect and stay disconnected has been fixed - Fox News -Highscores for classic players have been fixed (randomly stopped updating properly for some players?) -Morrigans axes + javelins will now work a ranged weapons (Dropped by Revs) -Morrigans axes + javelins now have a lower range bonus (it was way too high, almost double compared to the craws bow) -Dragon thrown axes now have a range bonus instead of an attack bonus & can be bought from the Bloodmoney shop for 5 Bloodmoney each -Craws bow now works as a proper bow and will do 50% more dmg to monsters within the wilderness -Craws bow can now be obtained from revenants. all reventants minus goblins and fiends will have a drop rate of 1:800 Goblins and fiends droprates are 1:1000 -Thammaron's staff will now do 25% more magic damage + have 100% more accuracy against all monsters within the wilderness -Revenants will now drop the Thammaron's staff at the same rate as the Craw's bow -Players can now buy the bone dagger (++) from the Pvm shop for 200 PVM points -The price of Karils has been raised to 200 pvm points a piece
  6. Hey guys, the Classic/Event mode + some unique rewards are finally here. you can find out more info about the Weekly Skill Event here: http://valius.net/community/index.php?/topic/192-weekly-skill-competition/ And now for tonights updates! -Players will receive 4 points per vote page rather than 2 -Hourly reward boxes will now give players their rewards when they open them (from the vote shop) -The bank pin will no longer interfere with the daily rewards interface - Credits: Fox News -Admins will no longer show up on the highscores pages -A new game mode has been added in. Classic mode/Event Mode will be 5x experience rates & 20% towards your ::droprate bonus* *An announcement on how the event will run, rewards (Custom and exclusive rewards for each week) -Prices for the items in the grim reapers halloween chest have been cut in half (50% off)! -Players that donate over $5 have a 50% chance to receive a Mystery box -Players that donate over $50 have a 50% chance to receive a Raid Mystery box -Donating now give 20% bonus exp for specific amounts of time depending on the amount donated *$1-5 = 30 minutes | $6-10 = 1 hour | $11-20 = 2 hours | $21-50 = 5 hours | $51=149 = 15 hours | $150+ = 24 hours -Donator shop dialogue when opening the shop has been redone -The vote shop object has been changed & renamed to better suit the vote rewards shop -Vote points that have been exchanged form tickets can now be checked when opening the vote shop -Players have a 1/10 chance to receive 20 extra vote tickets when voting -Players will receive 30 minutes of bonus experience (20% bonus) for voting -Custom capes created by Corey have been added in-game and will be rewards for the Weekly Skilling competition (See Announcements for more info) *These capes will not only be colored to match each skill but receive some special perks, making them very useful. *The capes will have the stats of a Firecape + Avas accumulator, Give players a 5% bonus towards their drop rates & also will attract arrows while wearing them. -Players will now receive 50 bloodmoney with their daily rewards. the bloodmoney shop will be released soon! Weekly skill competition capes
  7. On schedule with our daily updates! -Changed the name for the "nests box" to "graceful recolor kit" in the graceful shop -Prices for the Banshee outfit in the Halloween holiday chest are now priced correctly -Rare rewards rates from raids have been changed from 1:80 to 1:50 -Very rare reward rates from raids have been changed from 1:150 to 1:100 --Ironman players can now buy items from the Skill point, Master cape, Halloween rewards shop & Jorviks book store -repacked the Zaryte Bow model *fixed up some positioning on chaotic weapons + the zaryte bow **Note* the Zaryte bow + nex sets will be released with Pat's Custom Raid! -Kandarin helms, Varrock plates & Holiday masks now cover your character properly (no glitchy parts that you can see your character through) -Feather have been added to the ironman general store -The barrows sword has been added to the donator shop -Repacked the Home area map (The halloween event map was too gloomy on first glance for new players who didn't realise it was for an event) -Daily rewards have been finished! - Credit: Fox News
  8. -continued working on the new teleport interface. -Tbow, Dclaws, Ancestrial, Kodai Wand & Din's Bulwark are now on their own "Very Rare" drop table for raids *Rate: 1:150 (hasnt changed) -The rare drop tables rates are now 1:80 (twisted buckler, staff of light, Elder chaos robes, dragon hunter crossbow, dragon harpoon, dragon thrown axe + more to come soon) -Players have a chance to receive a double loot (a rare & a very rare item) -the new custom lobby raid area (100% Credits to Pat for the beautiful lobby area) has been packed into the cache -Models for Torva, Zaryte Bow, Chaotics, Dragon Flail, Justiciar Shield, Justiciar sword & pvp armors *These items will be added in game over time/ are already ingame (ie. pvp armors are dropped by revenants) -pvp weapons (ie. vesta swor,d statius warhammer, etc etc) will now properly be held in the players hand, not slightly away from it -Rates for the Skeletal Visage have been lowered from 1:2500 to 1:1000 from vorkath -Rare drops are now 1:20 from Vorkath -Chance to receive the pet Vorki is 1:1500 -Players can now used the Skeletal Visage on a Anti-Dragon shield to create the Skeletal Ward -Players can now crush Superior dragon bones using a pestle & mortar. These bones are currently dropped by Vorkath -Players can now create Super antifire potions by using crushed superior dragon bones on an antifire potion at level 92 herblore -Players will now be protected from dragonfire breath for 12 minutes when drinking a super antifire potion in other news... The raid lobby will be switched from clan chat to a Pest Control type lobby within the next day or two + some more updates will soon come after for raids Ghost is currently working on a halloween themed Daily event interface that will start with the halloween even very soon! Pat will be working on a Halloween themed custom home area tomorrow The Teleport interface is coming along and will be finished very soon Raid Lobby (4 lobby rooms for raids 1, raids 2, and 2 custom raids!)
  9. -Adamant & Rune dragons can now be received as a slayer task from Duradel -Drop tables for Rock crabs have been updates -Drop tables for Revenants( Other than the revenant goblin & revenant pyrefiend) now allow player to get PvP set *(Vesta, Statius, Zuriels, Morrigans + Weapons) at a 1/120 drop rate -Drop rates for the revenant goblin & Pyrefiend are 1/180 per piece of armor dropped to prevent players from farming them -Rune/Addy dragons now drop the pieces to build dragon platebodies, dragon kiteshields & dragon crossbows -Crystal chest rewards have been updated -Crystal chests now have a very rare chance to give players a party hat (1:6000 chances per hat + 6 party hats = 6:6000 = 1:1000 chances to receive one) In other news... -Pat is working on a custom wave based team raid currently. Progress will be posted as we have some more -The teleport interface will be fully redone over the next few days and will include npc drops within the interface itself + will look a lot more clean.
  10. Hey guys, here's some more updates for you tonight! [Content] -Move the Mage of zamorak (essence mining/runecrafting) closer to edgeville, north-east of the bank -Twiggy has been added to the home area (west of the bank) and will give you an achievement cape for finishing all of the achievements -Rings can now be imbued by talking to Brother Jared who is east of the home teleport -Players can now buy a pet kitten for 15,000 gold by talking to Gertrude south east of the home teleport -Added Otto the God Blessed for Hasta Creation -Reorganized Fancy Shops [Donator Zone] -Added black chins at Dzone -Editted Dzone Map to remove some map objects -Added fishing spots to new Dzone -Fixed stalls at dzone [Starter kit] -Most items were removed from the starter kit (iron armor, wizard robes, leather armor) -Gold from starters has been raised to 500,000 per starter -The Starter sword with +10 melee stats above the rune sword & a 50 strength bonus has been added to the starter kit -A Starter staff with a +35 bonus to magic stats + unlimited air & fire runes has been added to the starter kit -A Starter bow has been added to the start kit with a +38 range bonus + can shoot up to Rune arrows -Tier 1 diary armors have been added to the starter kits. These items work exactly like osrs currently and will soon provide bonus experience + Players will be able to upgrade the armor pieces randomly while skilling (depending on the skill it gives bonus exp to) Let me or Pat know if you would like a starter kit [Bugs] -The pest control global winning message will now only display once when winning' -ItemBonusDefinitions for hovering is now handled via the client and not the cache -Players heads are no longer invisible while wearing Kandarin Headgear + some other items (let me know if you find anymore) -Removed an exploit that would give players owner + 2,000,000,000 Coins + Bloodmoney + $10,000 donated
  11. some new updates today -Fixed the bracelet of slaughter price. it now costs 10 slayer points -Skill Points will now save after logging out -The distance for clicking the well of goodwill & the teleports portal have been fixed -Hardcore Ironman deaths will no longer make them lose their hcim status within the following areas: Fightcaves, Pest Control, Recipe for disaster, Raids, The Inferno and Clan Wars -Packed a custom map for an up and coming team minigame -Prices for the Ranger boots, Tunic, Whip & Fury have been raised slightly in the Vote shop -Added a Delay to Agility so players can no longer spam obstacles for tons of experience -Repacked a custom donator zone map + uploaded a new cache -Fixed an issue with the loader (cache saving was having issues with the client jar and made 2 caches in your users folder. one just for your client jar)
  12. Thanks for the feedback! Updates for tonight: http://valius.net/community/index.php?/topic/139-170918-revenant-teleport-bug-fixes/&tab=comments#comment-563
  13. Hey guys, been going through some bugs players have reported and i still have some more to go but here's what i have so far. -Double experience has been turned off. from now on it will be activated every weekend from friday-sunday -The Kodai wand now has a 15% dmg & 15% accuracy increase as well as Negating 15% of runes used (runes will not be used 15% of the time when casting a spell) -Fixed an issue with the Mini veracs pet model & the pet baby red dragon size -Players will now gain skill points when using bones on an altar -Doubled the amount of experience gained from agility tickets -The Giant Squirrel has been made and added to agility. Players have a 1/5000 chance of receiving this pet! -Kril will now only hit 20% through magic prayers instead of 40% -Demonic gorillas will now hit 30% through prayers rather than 70% -the custom raid reset timers have been set to 25 minutes instead of 10 minutes