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  1. sorry for the inactivity on my part im very sorry and it will be changing ~sky
  2. i tried what you said and i get the same error
  3. Todays updates: Drygores fully added
  4. can someone please help us with this
  5. [FONT=Fixedsys][SIZE=7]bump[/SIZE][/FONT]
  6. nice server been playing for a while now
  7. Come join us today @ ¤[url]http://www.infernalx.org/¤[/url] InfernalX is a 718 RSPS that thrives to make your Runescape Private Server experience the best! We want you to be happy so we listen to the players and their needs! InfernalX is updated daily with exclusive updates and bug fixes; For example, Custom boss named Kendal that drops Korasi, fighter hat and more! InfernalX's economy is one of the best ecos around! The exp rates are splendid and the game is simple to get around in! Forums Webclient ¤Features of InfernalX¤: All Godwar Bosses Korasi Spec 100% Summoning Crucible Mature Community Active Owner & Staff PK PVM Economy Server Items Kept on Death (Except Wilderness) Frost Dragons Glacors Custom Boss Custom Home Shops Decent Exp and Drop Rates Great Economy Nomad Dragonbone Armor Squeal of Fortune 24/7 DEDI Hosting Polypore Dungeon 100% Clanwars 100% Castle Wars Custom Dungeoneering Fun Daily Events Nomad Polypore Dung Runespan (fully working) Drygore Wepons Kalphite King (50% added) And More!
  8. Can you please help me^^
  9. Can anyone help me make my self owner because with me not using eclipse i have no clue how, if you know how or can make me a compiler add my skype please (purecoolbow1)