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  1. Wow this looks great Tom! Seems like you spent a lot to get started, hope it all works out!
  2. Hey guys i'm interested in developing a simple web application. This project should be fairly simple and I don't anticipate it being very difficult to build. The project has a small niche market, but seems very likely to be adopted by users in said market. It also seems easy to monetize. If you are interested in partnering with me or you are looking for development work please send me a message on my discord stevenabraham#4757
  3. cool thanks for sharing, would be cool if you could customize the delay
  4. Most popular RSPS are safe, it's probably a false positive. There are enough tech savvy people who play Ikov so if it had a virus then it would have been reported by now and no one would play Ikov.
  5. Grave digging on a post about grave-digging? Damn that's Meta
  6. Thats why I prefer Microsoft word for my 3d modeling. Whipped this one up last night, I think it turned out okay
  7. @Cywir yo whats the exp/drop rates like? Is it grindy
  8. Well my first language was Java and I learned by building an RSPS. I took a short tutorial online through one of those free websites to learn basic syntax. After that I just browse through an RSPS source looking at and changing code to see how it affected the game. Soon I could read RSPS tutorials well enough to customize the server how I wanted. Once I got hired to work on Rune Z, I did a lot of googling to learn enough to add all the content the owner wanted. Since then I've enrolled in college so I've been able to solidify everything I learned while making RSPS. Even in college though I started working on a side project in addition to my course work, and googling things that I need to know how to do for my side project has probably been just as, if not more helpful than any class i've ever taken.
  9. https://www.w3schools.com/python/default.asp is a good resource as well. I think the best way to learn any language is to learn a little bit, then immediately start on a project and just google how to do things you want to do.
  10. python is pretty simple, it reads like text even more so than VB in my opinion. I think starting with python would be a better use of your time
  11. Unfortunately i'm not sure if these guys care