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  1. Oh cool, server looks nice i'll check it out
  2. how do you pronounce the name of your server?
  3. Why would you give away osrs items if you want people to play your server? RS is an mmorpg, no one has time to play OSRS and your sever.
  4. This is the shitiest idea i've ever heard. Good luck!
  5. hi


  6. Chill nigga it was a joke. I was the co-dev on RuneZ 2 with Luke, and eventually the owner. I love zombie themed rsps and I support all of them (assuming they are done well).
  7. I would just try to make stuff yourself rather than doing online courses. It helps you have a more comprehensive understanding and ensures you only learn about stuff that you care about. I see many people complete a codeacedemy or similar course but still can't figure out how to run hello world on their own machine. what is a complete understanding to you? I wouldn't think you need to know all the complexities of java to get started on an rsps.
  8. What warrants this as urgent?
  9. To be completely honest i'm not sure if making a private server will really sharpen your programming skills since most people in this scene practice pretty crappy programming protocol and the theory isn't particularly transferable to software development. Anyways, since you already have a bit of a background in Java, I would recommend downloading a source that looks cool to you and see if you can figure out how to get it running. After that I would just browse through some of the config files and play around a bit. Once you feel a bit more comfortable, I would look up a tutorial on how to add any content you want to add, if you need help, you should google it and if you can't find any resources I would post here for help!
  10. This link used to work before the update. It makes sense for user navigation if this redirects to forum.runelocus.com
  11. StevenAbraham

    24hr command?

    very well explained +1
  12. I'm a bit confused as o what you are looking for. When people say OSRS they are generally referring to the second officially released version of RuneScape by Jagex. I believe that version was recovered from august 2007, which never included summoning/stealing creation, and since it's release, has never added either of those things. "Straight up OSRS" doesn't mean anything, and if it did, it would probably just mean a clean version of the OSRS cache from jagex, which does include the twisted bow etc. If you want a source that includes summoning and stealing creation, you don't want an OSRS source, you want a newer RuneScape HD source. Here is a list of all the revisions of the game. Keep in mind it may be hard to find a source for some of the obscure revisions and all sources will probably have some modification. If you want OSRS content on your server, you'll need to include cache items from an OSRS source. The easiest way to find a source is by picking the revision you want and then browsing our source sections (RS2, RS2HD, RS3), and picking a source thats pretty close.