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  1. Awesome server
  2. [B]An amazing server so far, Every skill works and also good accurate drop rates for bosses I am enjoying it. Also the staff team is eco friendly and tends to the players and interacts with them normally to, I recommend joining. Best regards, Chaos114.[/B] ;)
  3. [quote name='Thymen']Thanks for the new realise. Should I can be your headen admin? If so reply please.[/QUOTE] [B]I am a Moderator on the server mate i don't make those decisions that is up to sprite and Austin, But you could become a beta tester and apply for Mod position or if you want higher position tell Austin and sprite via PM, Explain in detail how you qualify? For a position that high i bet they'd be looking for people that has had some type of past experience. Best regards and hope you decide to join us, Chaos114. lolking[/B]
  4. [quote name='Roll A Blunt']Do not download! The run.bat is infected with a trojan horse! Proof here: [attach=config]7873[/attach] do not download![/QUOTE] [B]Lol, Cant really see image mate. Even when i enlarge it make it bigger so it can be viewed more clearly. Best regards, Chaos114.[/B] lolking
  5. [B]Hello everyone manny A.K.A: Chaos114 here and today i am telling you about a amazing server called InsidiousRSPS. InsidiousRSPS is an amazing server pretty new but overall amazing coding by Austin and sprite we are in need of beta testers currently, And anyone willing to join is appreciated. Please do take notice that it's beta and we have a report bugs section in forums, so use it if you can, we have a downloadable client and also web client, So feel free to use whichever you desire. We will be giving beta testers a special rank called [COLOR="#008000"]veteran[/COLOR] once full release comes out and also give them a[COLOR="#FF0000"] very rare and special item[/COLOR]. To join us go to [url=http://www.insidiousrsps.com/]Insidious - Home[/url] and sign up via forums once done you will automatically have a ingame account with the same details as forum account. We don't have a vote system currently cause we are still in beta but we will soon so stay tune for that to. [COLOR="#006400"]Here is some images of the beta version: [/COLOR] [COLOR="#B22222"]Login screen:[/COLOR] [IMG]http://i44.tinypic.com/347vfaa.png[/IMG] ------ [COLOR="#B22222"]Home:[/COLOR] [IMG]http://i39.tinypic.com/2hd0jrp.jpg[/IMG] ------ [COLOR="#B22222"]Spell books:[/COLOR] [IMG]http://i44.tinypic.com/64nu45.png[/IMG] ------ [COLOR="#B22222"]Dual arena:[/COLOR] [IMG]http://i41.tinypic.com/1zef5m0.jpg[/IMG] ------ [COLOR="#B22222"] God War Dungeon:[/COLOR] [IMG]http://i41.tinypic.com/15nr49g.jpg[/IMG] ------ [COLOR="#800080"]We have about every single skill and also we have many minigames, and functional Pk system. Got any suggestions? Go to forums and tells us what you think we should add or improve in, Your thoughts matter to us![/COLOR] [COLOR="#0000FF"]We're also looking for some dedicated members to apply to our staff team! Be one of the few![/COLOR] [COLOR="#800080"]Join us today and become a beta tester, Let's become the best together. Best regards, Chaos114.[/COLOR] lolking[/B]
  6. [B]The scariest movie i have ever seen was twilight... I thought i was going to die in that movie mate. realistically though? The second scariest one would have to be "The possession" 2012. :eek: Best regards, Chaos114. lolking[/B]
  7. chaos114

    Favourite animal?

    [B]My favorite type of animal is actually dragons, I wouldn't mind having one as a pet. But realistically? My second favorite would be a lion (Yes i had one adopted, had to give it up before full grown though.) They are amazing pets but tend to need a lot of caring and also must part before they reach adulthood so it sucks, But makes sense... :rolleyes: Best regards, Chaos114.[/B] lolking