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  1. Ive been searching every where for a client that is still up. I have found like 12 and all the links r broken. Can someone spot me :D
  2. Thank you for the release whats a good client to go with it?
  3. What is a blank 562 source and client I could start. I looked around on rune-server, runelocus and moparscape. I cant find a clean blank one. I want to start from scratch. Not a server is already 3/4 done, WIll anybody welp me out :/
  4. Im debating on making a 317 pi server or a 562 loading 634. Ive been debating on this for awhile now and I would like you guys to help me out which one to pick. I would apperciate the help. If anyone wants to spare a blank for me that would be fine to <3
  5. I need help with changing the home and home teleports in spells. And a solid yell command. I just started 637. I usually do 317 [pi]. So please dont hate on me :/
  6. Anyone know how to show my admin/mod crowns?
  7. arent pooping up sorry typo. Like my person wont become an admin
  8. Alright the commands are working now but my crowns are popping up
  9. Then how do u give rights and that stuff. When I change the owners name it doesnt do anything
  10. Will anybdy its probly easy :/
  11. Im working on this server and I almst know everything but some reason I cant edit the Bin Files. The character file is a Bin file that pops up like black sqaures in escipse. Please help!
  12. Can someone help me with the rights? Whats a software that can open the bin files.
  13. I cant figure out how to add staff shit xD