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  1. 1. RunIndex anim with 2h. If i do ::anim 4305, it doesn't show me the Run anim. So i need it works. Please explain good, need the currect codes, etc.. 2. Skillcape Gfx, the anims are fully working.. But the gfx "fail", so need the currect codes for gfx, please explain good, and i got on my cache, "Animation" + "Animation2" + "data" + "Raw", Hope you help me with any problem guys, I'll repp++ I got teamviewer if you like to help me with it.
  2. My skillcape emotes are fully working. But the gfx not working , Any idea?
  3. I need if someone dead, " Cannot click prayer while you dead! " on my server while you dead you can click prayer see this image: [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/PpUqnwm.png[/IMG] How i fix this, I'll repp++
  4. Dude wtf ? I just need help why you starting say like that, If you don't going to help me don't reply !
  5. 1. My dragon scimi if you spec someone then the prayer will turn off, so i speced my friend on my server his prayer turned off, so his 'Protect Item' is off, so i can win his ags. And now Unfortunately, while he dying he clicked again on the 'protect Item' and didn't lost it. ::S I need ur help, need a code for this: If player are dying he cannot click any button. Especially the Prayer Tab 'Buttons' 2. Need another code for this: I was fighting me friend I speced him 80 with with my ags, and he died, and while he dying he dropped 2 good items. So i have no good loot. This is bug. I need the code you cannot drop items while dying. Finsh. Hope you give me the 2 codes and tell me for which class i put them, and thanks alot. I'll repp++ *** I got idea for dropping items while dead, can you give me code: " You must be 10 seconds out of being in combat to drop items. "
  6. D scimi ID = 4587 For example: Me and you are fighting, we are using smite, and then i speced you then ur PRAYER WILL OFF. I need if you spec anyone his prayer will turn off. Any ideas?
  7. There are 4 ways to attack with Dh Axe: Chop/Slash/Lunge/Block * My question is How i make the: Chop + Slash + Block - The same anim?? (animid=2066) And Lunge need it anim = 2067 This code may help you: [code]if(weaponName.contains("greataxe")) { if(c.fightMode == 2) { return 2066; } else { return 2067; } }[/code] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/QQaLnIC.png[/img]
  8. Help
  9. If i spec any player it's works fine it will be freezing and can't move and with the barrage gfx. It's works fine. But, if i spec any npc it doesn't show me the barrage gfx and the npc doesn't stops, he can move. How to make the NPC same the players? Here is my zgs code: [code]case 11700: c.startAnimation(4302); c.gfx0(1221); c.specAccuracy = 1.23; c.specEffect = 2; c.hitDelay = getHitDelay(c.getItems().getItemName(c.playerEquipment[c.playerWeapon]).toLowerCase()); break;[/code]