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  1. Go to EntityDef and you'll see something like that : [QUOTE]if (i == 8207) { // NPC ID entityDef.actions = new String[5];//The actions when you right click on it entityDef.actions[0] = "Talk-to"; // Action 0 the first one you'll see [COLOR="#FF0000"]entityDef.name = "Thessalia"; // NPC name[/COLOR] entityDef.description = "Has the ability to change your appearance.".getBytes(); // NPC description }[/QUOTE] Only change the 8207 for whatever you want and the npc name and you could also remove the Actions
  2. public void castVeng() { if (c.playerLevel[6] < 94) { c.sendMessage("You need a magic level of 94 to cast this spell."); return; } if (c.playerLevel[1] < 40) { c.sendMessage("You need a defence level of 40 to cast this spell."); return; } if (c.teleTimer > 0) { return; } if (!c.getItems().playerHasItem(9075, 4) || !c.getItems().playerHasItem(557, 10) || !c.getItems().playerHasItem(560, 2)) { c.sendMessage("You don't have the required runes to cast this spell."); return; } [COLOR="#FF0000"]if (System.currentTimeMillis() - c.lastCast < 30000) { c.sendMessage("You can only cast Vengeance every 30 seconds.");[/COLOR] return; } Just use the red code onto a command (it's only an example you must edit / make it fit with what you need ) and you can check in your source / other source there's alot of example
  3. Download starter pack v1 and use the cache
  4. [quote name='Jwl']<img=0> lol.[/QUOTE] Hmm... xD nah not really sec ; [ATTACH=CONFIG]9884[/ATTACH]
  5. Hi guys I never do this before but how can I add a crown before my name in the writting box?! not the chat box, I can't find tuts about this so if anyone can help me :P